SBC is recruiting [OPEN] [Lost Halls Discord]


Yes and I can’t edit the post anymore, either me or someone else will have a moderator/leader edit the post.


Okay, ty for letting me know. Do you guys have any idea approximately when it will be open?


Oh wait

@Shatter i think it was closed on aug 1st or something

Probably soon?

The LH chest event is over now, so we might need more active players.

Just check the thread occasionally


I’ll keep an eye on this thread. Thanks


@moderators @shatter @nevov edit post pls and thx

also it’s 6 8/8s now instead of 5 8/8s

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I tried to register, but it isn’t working. I get to the part where I have to put the code in my Realmeye description, but after I do that, verification with the bot doesn’t work (it just doesn’t respond). I’ve triple checked that I meet the requirements and made sure that private stuff is private and public stuff is public, but it isn’t working. Does anyone know how to make this work/have had similar problems?

[EDIT] Never mind, it works now.


I’m not ignoring, but think it would be cleaner for the OP @CandyShi to edit. The forum is saying they are active recently.
(Or if they are longer connected with the Discord/unable to edit for whatever reason then a new topic would be better IMO. You might find others with edit powers are less fussy about this than me!)


I can’t edit my post


Ah hadn’t noticed the age of the topic - I think it only allows edit within certain time (6 month or something).
So it’s replace the Discord link and the reqs to 6x ?

Or maybe easier to make an entire new topic and abandon this one - if it’ll require continual intervention for someone else to keep editing it when recruiting starts/stops, could be a headache for all concerned.


There you are


also open as of sep 29th


Hmmm, I’m starting to get good at this game maybe I should…

nvm :cry:


Same. I have the 6 8/8s but 10k would force me to fametrain, thing I have never and will never do. So yeah I won’t get any LH loot until I get 200+ more hours on this game (assuming I don’t die during that time).

I don’t know why they put such a high alive fame limitation. It doesn’t recognise skill or experience, but rather people who mindlessly go for hours circling glands.


It does, because it weeds out the people who actually play the game from people who lets say, RWT their items/characters. 10k Is not that high even, considering each halls give 100+ and you can run them with Pub

Edit: I’ve got 37k alive fame and I have only been in a train for a total of about 500 fame across all my characters that show up on RE. It’s really not hard.


EDIT : shit wrong meme, meant it to say “wrong”. EDIT 2 : here, better

Anyways, I’ve never found any good way to run LHs, and I’m not willing to waste hours in fame farming. I’m here to have some fun and challenge, reason why I mostly run solo dungeons and such things that require skill. The fact I can’t aquire end-game items because I cannot access the community that runs the said dungeon is what I hate.


I Meant the Pub halls discord, not the ones from sentries lol. They are not a great option but it’s there for when you need it. There are also other discords out there, that run halls as well. I’m not sure how active they are however as I’m only in SBC.


Up until now I’ve tried LHZ and Pub Halls, both of them I couldn’t do because they had runs when I was sleeping. The few runs they had while I was awake were pitiful, and only 3 of them achieved marble colosus, with me getting 0 at all of those (no offense meant to the run leaders on those discord).


While a high fame doesnt neccessarily mean you’re good at the game (and vice versa) there is definetly a correlation between these things (at least at that level) and currently there isnt a better metric that is easy to verify.

There was an LHz run at the time you were posting this. Also from your post it seems like your runs were before the rework (soulbound isnt an issue anymore)