Scammer Tag


What should I do about this scamming tag on my profile? Players get pissed at me for not paying before a key is opened (usually tombs). I used to pay half outside then half inside but scammers took advantage of this and ripped me off. Most of the time when I refuse to pay outside because of past events I get called all sorts of names and a scammer, are they just mad the scam did not work on me as I have learned from my past events. Am I in the wrong for not paying outside? Should I keep my scammer tag?





You can’t remove it yourself.

Not much you can do.

If you only pay inside, it kinda looks like you’re trying to scam the opener


Always record while opening keys. If you have the scammer tag already, you can’t remove it


If you’re always the one “buying” keys the tag won’t have much effect because people usually won’t search for you on RE because you are the one contacting them.

If you’re posting items for items trades, the tag might have some effect because your offers get marked with a warning. Some players will be put off contacting you but it actually doesn’t matter for 1-window trades where both players can see and agree to the trade.

It will be more of a problem if you start trying to “sell” keys because players will be unwilling to trust and won’t approach you to open for them.


It’s common etiquette to pay inside, actually.

Unfortunately you can’t remove it, maybe the tag will expire after some time but idk.


I thought key offers by people with a scammer get automatically filtered out, but I’m not 100% sure about that.


Ooh I didn’t know that. OP, would you mind posting a test key offer and seeing if it’s autofiltered?


as someone who often sells keys I accept payment inside but only after I have confirmed payment exist. this practice has gotten me several guilds who often buy from me. I see nothing you did wrong if your just refusing to pay till inside,


There’s gotta be some vulgarity or lies in here somewhere.

this really just doesn’t happen.

Why i’m I always the only skeptical one :frowning:


you’re not, but accusations dont accomplish anything


Verbally skeptical*

I don’t like the benefit of the doubt


Everyone on the internet is pretty much always lying, but making that assumption in a situation like this won’t really help anyone.

I agree though because I also assume everyone is just full of shit when they post stuff like this.


You’re not. A lot of us are are to inhibited to call them out first. Some people are just too nice.


Call me out all you want, Just because I refuse to pay outside doesn’t mean my story is biased.


Yeah, I usually don’t sell keys to begin with. I mostly just purchase them off fellow players. I just dislike the tag on my profile because people get pissed when I refuse to pay outside, Now I have to pay the consequence because I get called a “scammer” because I refuse to pay outside, I usually do half outside and half inside now. Sadly some players take advantage of that and just leave after I give them their life pot.


sounds like what my guild would do, if you sell key and refuse to open outside (especially when the payer is whitestar and proofs the payment exists) we will endup tagging as scammer with +15 members :stuck_out_tongue:


I wasn’t talking about you specifically, but saying your story isn’t biased is kind of dumb. Obviously you’re going to be biased when you’re talking about yourself.


No. Unfortunately you rally have no choice if you want someone who you don’t know to open a key for you most of the time. I would recommend joining a guild that hosts keys, spending money on the game yourself, or finding a trusted friend that you buy keys from.

In the long run it is safer to not pay for keys at all.


I guess the best solution is to get a friend to act as a middleman for you. Could be a guildie or whatever. Just give them the pots to pay the key seller so they’re less skeptical ig