Scimitar of Cronus


Scimitar of Cronus

It can drop from Cube god.
description: This scimitar was used by the legendary warrior .

which one is better ?

  • scimitar%20of%20cronus
  • Scimitar%20of%20cronus%202
  • Scimitar%20of%20cronus%203
  • scimitar%20of%20cronus4

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Moved to WiP due to it only being a poll for the sprite

Could be an April Fools Dblade reskin from the sphere god


Making an item with the word Cronus is no joke. You can’t just take the name “Cronus” lightly. The Cdirk has a history behind it and explains where the name “Cronus” came from. If u want mo info:


I second that, it is history.


I third that.

Also they all look basically the same.

Also I don’t see the point in this item.




Agree with @Qiytrcgfhy, and fourth that, it is history.


But why?


Why is it so fucking fat LMAO



Unleash your inner ruppy!


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