Scorpion king wip


Which parts of each one look the best, and what are some things you think I could try to make more better happen?

It’s going to be for archer btw

Skurp man sam
Skurp man sam

NOICE! GG AMAZING WORK… but i have no idea if its a skin or an enemiy


Skin; enemies typically don’t have multiple angles, just a front or side view


1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

I think 7, 8 and 6 is the best. Also where are the arms? I have no idea if the arms are there or i’m just blind. If i’m just blind please don’t rub it in my face :man_farmer:


I like the first row the best, but the third row is nice too. I think if you added the leg shading from the second or third row to the first row it would be even better. Great work.



I think this version is pretty good. Not sure about the front or back 100% though



which chitin color most conveys being a scorpion? I’m still hooked on the fiery orange




Saw it on reddit earlier, love it :heart:


whats up with the wakis


he’s a sammerguy


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“Sammer Guys are vassals in Super Paper Mario that fight for King Sammer.”

soooo they’re an actual thing huh


honestly the best paper mario game ever made


Gonna completely re-do this big boy soonish, give suggestives


Make him into Dwayne Johnson’s Scorpion King

also on his face/upper body/chest it looks like he doesn’t have a shirt on or he just has a really big neck/chin


he is naked


nah he just has a chin like thisimage


Attempt #2;

gave him a haircut to better show his tail and slim his chubby, chubby face.
Updated colors to make him look more like the scorpion king in the mummy movie, though the original being based on the dragonstrike boss figurine. And changed his chitin to dusty rose since it looks more scorpiony, though I very much prefer the fiery orange.


Is it just me or does the scorpion look like he’s jiggling his moobs (man boobs)?