Seal of the seven seas


Seal of the seven seas


(8x8 sprite)


(16x16 gif that I originally made)

A seal blessed in the waters of the seven seas, granted only to the few crusaders deemed worthy of it’s powers


  • Tier: UT

  • MP Cost: 100

  • On Equip: +5 DEX +3 DEF +7 VIT

  • Effects: On Party: Red Cross Healing, Sword Damaging,
    On Self: Green Up Arrow Speedy, +30 VIT

  • Duration: 4.5 seconds

  • Range: 5 tiles

  • Fame Bonus: 6%

  • Feed Power: 1,000

Drops From:

More info

This seal is pretty straight forward, trading the hefty hp boost of tiered seals for a decent speedy buff and vitality buff. I figure the higher mp cost and lower duration slightly balanced the “spamability” of this seal (assuming you have a high mp heal pet). The stat buffs of are pretty standard with the DEX buff falling in line with other seals and the additional 5DEF and 7VIT to aid while rushing. The speedy buff is self explanatory and the 30 vit translate to about 3.24 more HP/s (according to my math (which may be wrong cause im dumb as a brick) a ub VIT gives 1.08HP/s therefore 30 VIT should give 3.24HP/s???). The range of this seal is also 1 tile less than that of a T6 seal with 75 wis. There’s also no WIS mod on this seal partially because I don’t really know how to implement one and also because I don’t feel as though it would be necessary with the stats I’ve given it. The fame bonus of 6% is standard for all event whites and so is the feed power of 1000. Finally, I chose Herm as drop location because i feel as though it’s about time Herm got a white bag that actually fits in with his themes.

Thank you so much if you took the time read all this nonsense! This is only my second completed post so once again, any and all advice/criticism would be appreciated!!!


I tried to improve your seal, hope you like it


On one hand, there’s nothing majorly wrong with this seal. On the other hand, if I get a white bag, and this is in it, I’m going to break my screen with a hammer. It’s not deserving of a event white cause it simply isn’t unique enough (IMO). In fact, whether or not this deserves to be a white at all is debatable.
Not a bad idea for a seal but not a white seal, maybe a st


I totally understand what you mean when you say that the seals effect isn’t particularly striking, but I still think adding speedy to paladin could have some interesting changes on gameplay. The smaller radius and lower duration make him less of a support and more of a self serving rushing class. When you say it doesn’t maybe deserve to be an event white, I understand where you’re coming from, but I don’t think a UT ability has to be absolutely game changing to be a white bag. Take for instance, midnight star, plague, ctrap, enchantment orb, esben skull, bee quivers, waki of eastern winds, etc. All these items add or change an aspect of the base tiered abilities but they don’t completely change the way a class plays in the manner that maybe a prot, ogmur or qot might. When you say you’d break your screen if you got this seal in a white bag i obviously get you’re exaggerating but keep mind that there’s many less practical white bags you could get. In the end, if you really don’t want it I gave it good fp so at least there’s that :slight_smile:

All in all though, thank you so much for your advice and I’ll make sure to keep it in mind for my next items!


I don’t like it…



I mean ctrap, midnight star, and esben skull are pretty game changing, ecpsecially when they were released. Plague allowed for massive clears. Waki and Enchantment are both boring but I also think that quite a couple of new released whites are boring. HOWEVER, it’s not even just about whites in general in this case. I misspoke when i said it couldn’t be a white. It can be. I meant that it wasn’t special enough to be an event white. I mean, technichally neither is dirk but that’s because etherite was added from nowhere…


What about ray? You already have doku which is basically masamune but with a few extra tiles of range. Theres also kageboshi, which is different from other stars, but it is not gamechanging just because it can hit multiple targets. Also this seal is basically opposite relationship as jugg with warrior. When compared to tiered helms, jugg removes speedy and adds a defensive buff to self. This seal adds speedy and removes the defensive buff that tiered seals have.


Ray was before doku man… And ray was unique at the time. Then Doku came and powercreeped fuckin everything. I mean, for the longest time, it wasn’t worth making a ninjas if you didn’t have doky. As for juggy, there is a huge difference between armored and healing… Kage isn’t that special but it has a nice def buff and wasn’t even originally an event white. it was forced into an evennt white cause nobody felt like making one. Truthfully, the orb would have been a better choice.

I see your point though. This is an interesting seal. Still I guess uniqueness is relative