Secluded Thicket Feedback Thread: Welcome (Back) to the Jungle!


Guess I shouldn’t have used that subtitle for the Magic Woods thread, huh?

As Oryx saw his minions fail to defeat the heroes time and time again, he devised a plan with less reliance on brute force. Thanks to some connections with Mixcoatl, he was able to commission the aid of a remote tribe dwelling deep in realm’s densest jungle. Rather than outright pitting the heroes against another one of his underlings, Oryx instead opted to throw the heroes into these woods without hope of escape, waiting to be killed by any number of wild threats.

This accursed jungle is home to some of the realm’s most vicious animals, fiercest natives, and deities of incomprehensible strength waiting for an opportunity to wield their arcane powers. The denizens exert wicked black magic, and their leader commands the almighty power of lightning itself in ways which have never been witnessed before. Brandish your mightiest weapons, for Oryx’s latest bounty hunting court member means business.

Introducing the Secluded Thicket, AKA the Epic Forbidden Jungle! This place takes a more unique approach to the epic dungeon structure. Rather than being a direct difficulty upgrade like the Kabam epic dungeons or a far harder event dungeon with the same theme like the Nest, this is instead a three part boss dungeon intended for the Court of Oryx. Each of the three minibosses has their own mechanics, and as a bonus detail, every single enemy is tied to one of the original Forbidden Jungle enemies as an epic counterpart.

This is no doubt the hardest of the Court dungeons so far. A good sized group (the type that will usually be at the Court anyway) should be able to get through it without too much trouble as long as they aren’t careless, but it won’t be as mindless as Shaitan and the Encore typically are. Groups should still feel engaged for the duration of it, and a solo attempt is fairly challenging (I have managed to do a petless solo on an Archer as well, though it’s excruciatingly difficult). The first two Court dungeons are far too much of a pushover for castle-sized groups and fail to put up enough of a fight, so the dangers of this and the Reef ought to help change that.

Tezcacoatl the Great Basilisk

A savage beast that makes its home in the tropical forest. Basilisks are natural predators, but Tezcacoatl in particular has gained notoriety among the local tribesmen. Many hunters have attempted to slay him as a display of might, but none have succeeded.

The first boss is the easiest of the bunch, but also the most aggressive and in-your-face. The main gimmick of this fight is not the boss himself, but the minions that accompany him for most of the battle. Inspired by Chicken Oryx’s (sorely underappreciated) fight, these smaller basilisks work in tandem with their master, possessing their own sub-phases which supplement the primary attacks.

El Dorado

An immaculate golden idol rests in a temple at the heart of this uncharted jungle. Its origin is unknown, but what is apparent is the curse that lives within it. The natives worship it as a treasure from the gods, and may be willing to give more than their life to defend it.

The second boss against this cursed golden idol is entirely stationary. The fight has an emphasis on player movement and navigation, forcing people to stay on the move at all times to avoid lethal red zones and various other hazards that are added during the fight. More notably, this encounter features an inheritance system similar to that of the LoD. At each intermission, El Dorado will spawn one of three colored tribesmen in a random order. Whichever one is chosen will influence the next phase against El Dorado with masks that spawn on the side of the room, each with their own attacks to watch out for. This is meant to give the fight extra replayability, requiring people to be on their guard for any combination they may encounter.

Xolotl the Lightning God

A relative of Mixcoatl, Xolotl was appointed to Oryx’s court as his official bounty hunter. Being a more primitive god, Xolotl wields lightning and rules over the isolated tribe of the Secluded Thicket. Living with hunters has made him an expert killer, able to take out high profile targets at Oryx’s command.

The third and final boss pits you against what is essentially Epic Mixcoatl. As the name implies, this boss wields lightning, spawning warning targets that will strike down anyone who fails to get out of the way. These red targets are meant to be treated as the top priority to avoid at all times, as they are extremely punishing if you get hit and may lead to death if you’re too reckless. The lightning strikes also have a brand new sound effect, the first new sound file added to the game since 2011! You should especially beware of his final phase in which he unleashes a storm upon you. You may end up needing to use his own strength against him somehow. Tip: Go with the flow.

This dungeon initially started development in late November, overlapping with the Magic Woods which came together quite quickly. The bulk of development happened within February-April, however. I hope you’ll enjoy, and be sure to leave all feedback in this thread to ensure I see it!

What would a 3rd Lucky God be?
Public Testing #8 - Status: Closed
Epic forbidden jungle
X.30.0.0 - Secluded Thicket

bad dungeon i got trapped


Mask guys look derpy, everything else look is awesome which just makes it worse because they seem so freaking out of place.


What does it drop?


apparantly nothing


i’d rather it was a world event than another court dungeon, no one wants to do them and it’s boring


Very few are doing court, and I doubt if this is enough to sway the favour towards oryx. This will just end up being another dungeon that is only run during events.


We need a golden lucky god that drops this. Since the forbidden jungle is dropped by a giant snake, I vote that new realms spawn with an additional lucky god, a lucky medusa.


oWO what are the sprites


The particle effects for the second boss are apparantly not affceted by disable particle master


I do like the dung! I just think the 3rd boss, until the last 2 or 3 phases, is the easiest of the bosses and i think that is kind of sad. (I only did it solo, don’t know if it’s different in a group.) And when the second boss maked those “rooms” or what it is, i think you should get cursed or something for running through the “wall” thing. But that is just and idea.
I like the idea of having it at the court too.


if this is for a boss’ charge attack it might be intentional, but i haven’t seen the dungeon myself so i can’t say.


no its always when you hit him


Raising thoughts about it being a Court portal:

The new “Craig spawns every portal” means the dungeon can be targeted to be run by any group who doesn’t have keys, which is a good thing compared to it being Craig’s RNG whether you get the desired portal.

Heartening to hear it’s soloable petless, as similar to I’m currently seeing in Reef-via-Craig, hardly anyone randomly chooses to do it, so it often ends solo.

Speaking of Court, is there thought given yet to a degree of HP scale on Janus? Both to benefit the small group/soloer (Janus really can be a chore in a small fight) and at the opposite end to address the 4 second steamroll from a full castle group? Or at least HP scale on the chest (I don’t think it has any).


Might be a better fit saving that for Epic Snake Pit if there is ever such a thing.


Well ent gods drop magic woods and djinns drop tcave, so no epic magic woods or tcave either.


I soloed one and its seems pretty easy on knight since you can facetank most attacks


… Or lucky Constructs, give it more of a team effort.

What would a 3rd Lucky God be?

I hate the confusion shots on 2nd when the floor lights up red. Pretty much forces you to nexus.
Might be hard to see them when your in a big group doing this dungeon.

So far ive noticed a lot of camera rotation is required to play this dungeon smoothly not in harms way. I don’t really like rotating in rotmg, so it will be something I have to get used too.


Which is exactly why they are making more court dungeons, I love the fact that they’ve added two more, now more people will do court

(Also if Craig opens all the dungeons at once, then that will actually make it even harder to get Shaitan Skull


So far I very much enjoyed testing this dungeon but I have a few gripes.

I don’t enjoy how you can just standstill in a many of the phases for each Boss and infact be safer than people dodging what seems like intended to be dodged shots.

I’d like to see Tezcacoat’'s web phase where you have to kill the minions to become more dangerous as it just seems like an un-needed break currently.

It’d be cool to see Tezcacoatl or his Minions to do AoE damage like Walking Horrors as it seems appropriate for the type of boss he is.

It would be an interesting mechanic to see El Dorado Cycle between Tribesmen attacks during the Final Phase rather than sticking to the last killed.

El Dorado’s Tribesmen seem a bit dragged out with how much HP they currently have.
(Depends on what classes you bring)

There were occasions where Xolotl did his survival twice and another time where he only did it once. The phase itself doesn’t seem tied to any damage so I’m a little confused on that part.
(Maybe I have a very small brain but I would’ve never figured out that mechanic)

I think the 3 bosses are in a good spot right now and I can’t wait to seem them on prod in the coming weeks.
post in progress as i do more