Security Questions.


I recently wanted to move my account off steam to the exalt launcher and Deca asked me if I remembered my three security questions. I made this account 6 years ago and do not even know if I answered these questions before. Is their an alternative to answering the security questions to provide proof that I own the account or is Deca just going to leave me out to dry?


If you explain your situation, Deca has been pretty lenient on verification. Just let them know and they can help you out.


Try answering them. Despite not remembering answering them before I was able to answer 2 of 3, only drawing a blank on the third. Mine too was an account transfer, from Kong to Web/Exalt, and for such I think they have various sorts of information they can use, as well as the security questions.


I did. they told me that if I could not answer the correctly I would not be able to get back into my account.


They told me that too and I just kept emailing them with excuses. Keep being annoying until you get an answer.




They did say that you won’t be expected to answer them all exactly. Or more precisely:

The usual restrictions regarding security questions have been vastly lowered for the purpose of this transition.

That was posted 9 months ago so perhaps some of them have forgotten and need reminding. It makes sense as Kong migration is quite unlike e.g. password recovery. When someone tries to get ther password to an account DECA has to be adversarial in case it’s a hacker. But with Kong provided they can verify you are on Kong and have access to the account it should be straightforward.

I did not know the answer to all of the security questions. They asked some more questions after that, twice, until they were satisfied.

Edit: There’s another reason they should be less strict with Kong transitions. The questions made no sense on Kong. I mean, you did not have a password to log into ROTMG on Kong, it was done through your Kong account, which is therefore the important password, for Kong users, And security questions built into a particular game would be no use recovering your Kong password. So the questions had no use and would quickly be forgotten, perhaps even just answered randomly, by many players on Kong.


This is a late response, but if you have spent real money on the game, and you have the receipts, you can send those as proof of account ownership