Seeking Friends Across RotMG [Curing Loneliness]


A lot of you know me as “The Lonely Boy”. That has been my nickname for a long time now. But things may change! I may not be lonely anymore!

Today, I set out to change my lifestyle into someone a bit more healthy…
Luckily, the Winter Nexus is the perfect place for this!

Curing My Loneliness By Acting

Solo Tomb

Talking to Imaginary People

Mega White Bag


Trying to Befriend a Snowman

More are bound to come as I seek friends throughout RotMG!


These don’t look like screenshots from a healthy person. Are you okay?


I’m pretty sure I’m okay. I’ve had a lot of support and I feel like I’m getting much better!
Most of this was purely as a light-hearted joke, but loneliness has indeed affected my life.

Thank you for your concern – it means a lot to me! :heart:


at first I was like “oh great more depression drama” but I’m glad I was wrong. this is cute, although slightly sad.


I have never heard anyone call you that ever, nor have I felt like it would have been an appropriate nickname if I had to come up with one for you. is this part of the bit or do people actually call you this?


In real life, I have friends – it’s not like I don’t. It’s just that I often enjoy being alone, and people often know me by that personality trait. “The Lonely Boy” that you see here (eg. dark, depressed, no friends) is more “part of the bit”, like you said.

To answer that question, no. People usually don’t call me this directly. I’ve had a pretty fortunate life with supportive people who don’t comment on what I prefer. In this case, it’s spending time with my own thoughts.


That response from the snowman really scared me tho…


Be my friend gammy boi




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