selling rainbows on realmeye


No idea where to put this, so why not here : It’s impossible to make an offer for rainbow SELLING on realmeye.

I assume it’s a bug since it doesn’t really make much sense and would be cool if it were fixed.

You would be suprised just how many messages I get from people not understanding 3 of each pot for 1 glife, it was a real swarm of such people till I made 7 offers specifically for each stat pot.


I figured that it is not worth to sell/buy rainbows in today’s eco in the first place.


Your best bet trading rainbow pots is the trade server. The reason is it’s much quicker. No-one wants to waste too much time on it as if they had the time they could farm them themselves. Conversely the people selling might have a rack/inventory full of rainbows and want the space so they can go farm more.


strange, the rainbow potion is indeed greyed out when trying to sell them

you can send MrEyeball a message about it:
MrEyeball’s profile (Click the image icon)


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