Server Lagging EUN


I was in death water docs I tpd to portal server lagged I lost my 3/8 wizard in there EUN


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WC this someone?


[The OP is still in “New User” status, thus WC’ing the thread would make it appear that it has been deleted.
Why not offer a polite explanation instead? OB]


Sorry about your loss, but there is nothing we can do about it. And unless you have solid video evidence that it was 100% not your fault, deca won’t do anything about it either.

This should go to the WC, but as op is a new user this would make him unable to read his own post, so let’s wait until he has gotten a chance to read the answers first.


While you’re probs annoyed and I understand, think a bit. Is there a reason for notifying everyone that you died? As far as I can see there is nothing in your original post apart from stating what happened. If you’re asking for help as to what to do, then contact DECA. Doubt they’ll do anything about it though.


@moderators to merge -> Death thread?


I haven’t gotten the honor of WC’ing something yet :v lemme do it!

Edit: I guess I’ll wait :c


You’re not getting your char back. FeelsPermaDeathGameMan.


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