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I make this post to request a LATAM server for the users of it, since we are many and we do not have a server and we do not enjoy 100% of the game due to problems of Lag. Thank you very much I do not speak English.

Hago este posteo para pedir un servidor LATAM para los usuarios de ella, ya que somos muchos y no tenemos servidor y no disfrutamos a 100% el juego por problemas de Lag muchas gracias no hablo English.


The game runs on Amazon cloud servers, called EC2. South of the US, Amazon only has servers São Paulo, Brazil.

Deca recently turned on game servers in Australia. They may also consider adding game servers in Brazil, if there are enough players in that part of the world.

However, the servers in Brazil cost almost twice as much as the ones in the USA, Europe, and Asia. That’s probably why they haven’t already done this. See pricing here:



fixed that for you

Also, Google Translate worked pretty well here!

Sorry I’m a douchebag :frowning:


actually most would say english and even most would say “i dont speak english”

its because this in my language the word for english is Angličtina

so when you say sorry i dont speak this. It makes more sense to include that in the language they speak so you more clearly illustrate what you are saying

especially if your word for “english” is very far from that


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Unfortunately, however, DECA does not have infinite resources and therefore must consolidate in the places of highest interest (USA, Europe, etc.).
South America (if that is where you live) is not an area of high interest for DECA, unfortunately.


oh yeah that’s true. I feeling dumb now lol


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