Set up small LH runs on testing?


So, I have no friends on atm and im wondering who wants to join a small group that currently consists of me and my friend (wizzy archer duo) we want a buff class like pally to move faster yes i am aware of HP scaling but i believe it would still help us move faster and the dungeon is not even that big anymore and once you find one pot room you know where troom is because flames go directly to troom


Regardless of hp scaling, I believe a priest and buff class of some kind is practically required if you want a clean and efficient run. Also do you want to do void? You would need around 20 people to make it to void if you want a good chance of surviving void.


Sure but the best combo imo is Priest Archer War and Pally (2 Priests if possible)


The lost halls discords usually do something when PT opens, here are some links:

Public halls:


The real pros do SBC:


yea bro ur boy was banned from sbc lmao … uhh yea i was in a guild and one of my guild leaders apparently pissed off a lot of RL’s and bam whole guild banned


I had my priest yesterday but that died :cry:


Rip also once the new lh comes out, most servers will likely die out as you wont need leaders for runs. Soon it will be all professional GUILD runs


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