Shaiten's [is there a discord?]


so we all know that shaitens is crap, but is there a discord that pops them a lot? (i really want that skull)


No there isn’t. But a lot of people pop shaitans for some reason when there’s an event going on.

Also I’m not sure if you want the skull because it looks cool, or if you think it’s op.

I hate to break it to you but that skull isn’t very good at all, and this is coming from someone who has it. It only does 5 more damage than the st skull and it’s heal radius and heal amount are kinda trash. Although It does give decent stat boosts.

It’s fantastic for flex tho


EDZ would be your best bet I think.


I’d recommend getting a few friends (pally is preferrable) and closing realms and then going to court with those friends since there is no ”shaitan discord”






Haha you took that all wrong


I can help you close realms & do shaits today later?


eh i’m doing parasites


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