Shatters/Void/Cultist Events [Apr 22 to Apr 30] & FP Changes


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Looks like Abraham Wand, Chausible and Divine Ring will be only good for feeding Rare pet now (I can and I will feed any Puri to my future Legendary if I have to).

Feeding Coral/Arctic Bow may be only viable to Rare to Legendary, no longer Divine.


I’m actually glad that a drop from shatts/void/cult is required to get in with the court and wherever the last piece is going to be

Court = O3 can’t be done in a single realm close
Endgame = O3 pieces won’t be some menial task to collect
??? = ???


Actually, we already know where the last piece drops.

Shield Rune: Court Dungeons (see the previous event post)
Sword Rune: Shatters
Helmet Rune: Cultist Hideout, Void

Of course, the chance exists that they may branch to other dungeons, too. After all, the Keyper also drops Fungal Caverns and Nests…hmmm…


Here’s the text, for people who like it (especially with the fp nerfs mentioned towards the end):

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It will certainly be interesting to see how the fp changes affect people who farm for pet food items; while Shatters, LoD and event white UTs look to be getting buffs, there are a number of items on the nerfing list which have been staples for people with rare+ pets who are looking to feed them.


Oops, didn’t know I could do that.


Toast mentioned in a comment on the Reddit thread that there’s a possibility of adding pet food to lower tier enemy drop tables in the future to compensate.

The early game was a very specific consideration in these changes. We know there are many classic UTs that are important tools for getting newer players to approximately a maxed rare pet with reasonable time and effort.

While the scale has been adjusted to rebalance some especially major outliers in this regard, we believe the ease of early game pet maxing will be mostly unaffected and still be very attainable. We even gave some consideration to adding new pet food items specifically as unique drops from some midgame dungeons, though that will not be part of this value rebalance immediately.


If they do some fine tuned changes it may be a good indicator of item rarity… could be cool


As long as they aren’t nerfing incs I’m cool, 90% of my rare pet feed is incs


Event Expectation:

“Dungeon is full”


More like Nitro only


Thanks both, I’ve copied all the text into the OP now. Yeah having a full copy of the text of the thing is good, so that searches on the forum can operate (eg. finding an item listed in the loot, or other words in the post that people might search on). Don’t worry about the formatting too much if you haven’t the time for that.

This event got a small graphic in the lower left of the in-game news section:

Cultist/Void/Shatters Events


For the full annoucement of FP changes, see: Exalt, Oryx 3, and Feed Power [Update preview]