How and where i can sell my shield rune in this forum?


It’s best to sell through offers in Realmeye. If you don’t know how to set up offers, just go to your “offers” tab on your player page at and set up an offer there. You can sell runes by bringing a rune for someone to a Wine Cellar and popping for them. You’re gonna have to work out who pays or pops first though.


Selling a single rune will be hard. You’ll be waiting for someone who has the other two and can’t wait to find a third. Mostly though people look to buy all three together, which they can readily get when they need as that’s how people generally sell them. Plus at the current rate of 2 Deca for 3 Runes it’s hard to price just one – unless you get lucky with someone willing to pay over the odds.

If you play regularly they drop fairly often from events, tougher dungeons, and you can get three without really trying. If two are the same there’s a quest to convert between them for 4 Oryx Marks, which also has the advantage of sending it to your gift chest so it no longer takes up vault space. Or feed duplicates to your pet until you have three different ones.


I used to farm for marks to shove them into my gift chest, but lately I’ve just been straight feeding them. It’s probably better in the long run to put them into your gift chest. Taking all 3 out to trade for 2 decas means you have at least 32 gl in value from the 3 runes. With all that currency, you can buy so much more tradable feed power or items you want.


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