Short 'n Sweet T6 abilities giveaway [Finished]


I got a lot of spare T6 abilities, and was too lazy to give them away to random people in Realms. So, I’ve decided to simply host this quick giveaway for anyone interested.
Select which rewards you’d like to have a shot at, and I’ll announce the winners in this post around January 9, 2019 7:00 PM (UTC).
Good luck~!

  • Doom Circle
  • Holly Poison
  • Elemental Detonation Spell
  • Vigil Spell
  • Shield of the Colossus
  • Royal Wakizashi

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Alright, time to announce the winners! You will be tagged in order, starting from the top:
Vigil Spell: @Chennitoa Due to time constraints, a new winner has been chosen: @Shatter!
Shield of the Colossus:@Legendsszz
Holly Poison:@DivineOryx
Doom Circle:@Laserquest
Elemental Detonation Spell:@Fdghrdzxfd
Royal Wakizashi:@PNOTT

Contact me to receive your prize!


how do you put time limit and up to 6 options in a poll?





Please guys, my ninja is pleading for a better gear… Look for yourself and see how weak he is


What is the incentive for selecting fewer than 6 options?


Being kind enough to give others a higher chance of getting something they want, instead of you getting something you don’t want.


Or perhaps your vault is really full and you only pick the things that you really want


omg i actually got the doom circle!
@seelpit ill be on later


I’m on right now! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!


So Do I claim whenever? or should I pm you first?


Anytime you’re online :)




NOOOOO :frowning: i am crying rn


When will you be on?


Most likely around…say, 15:00 GMT?


Huh guess I missed that giveaway by spending time with my familly instead of being toxic on a pixelated game forum.

Gotta learn from my mistakes am I right


Everything on the internet is pixellated my guy


FeelsBadMan I didn’t win


yikes thats 7:00 am in my time any other times?


-8 timezone, I see.
I can try to squeeze in 23:00 GMT today.