Should I fuse the two rare humanoid pets?


One is Marid: 70/70/0(heal/magic/attack far)


The other(leprechaun) is 70/70/0 (heal/attack mid/electric)


Does the fusing order matter? Ex: fusing lep before marid vs fusing marid before lep.

In other words, will the placement of one before the other mitigate my chances of heal/magic/electric?

I would like to get a legendary with heal/magic/electric(in that order).


You’ll have to obtain a pet with heal/magic/electric if you want one with those abilities.

Whatever your current pet’s abilities are, they stay that way when fused.


To clarify, the pet post-fuse has ALL the abilities of the pet on the left of the fusing UI. So you can’t mix and match abilities from the pets you fuse.


Sorry, I’m confused. So, if I chose Marid and fused it with lep(in that order), I will be guaranteed heal/mheal/electric?


No, the marid’s abilities stay as they are.

So, heal/mheal/attack far.

Pet abilities don’t change when fusing; you have to get one with the specific abilities you want before feeding it.


Oh thanks, I see now.


How did you even get this far without knowing that xd

Anyways, rip, youre gonna have to find a heal/mheal/elec humanoid


Sorry for adding to this thread after 17 days, but I don’t fuse pets very often; nor do I feed them very often either.

So, I forget about pet feeding/fusing mechanics.


Why dont you feed them often?


Probably because he has two maxed rares so there’s nothing else to feed


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