Shuriken of oryx's enlightenment


Shuriken of oryx’s enlightenment
Description: This shuriken is very powerful, enhanced fully by the enchantment of oryx the mad god himself.

Damage: 500-600
Range: 15
Shots: 3
arc gap: 16
Stats: 3 def, 8 Vit
When key is pressed: produces a shadow clone that aids you for 5.5 secs
When key is held: Speedy on self/ 10 MPsec
key release/MP cost: 90

All ninja stars should produce a shadow clone/duplicate that attacks enemies as a 3rd effect of the star ability. T1-T3 for 3 secs clone assists, T4 -T6 for 5 secs, clone assist. How long clone assists for UT ninja stars varies.

Edit: Okay so apparently I just realized that, in summary, I didn’t really give much explanation to how the ability exactly works, so let me try to explain the idea for this ninja ability! Basically the doppelganger is suppose to behave kind of like another player but has similar mechanics to a pet, it can’t be killed. It works similar to that of a player’s play style, as if another player had been summoned that’s has the mechanics of a pet that last for however long the star says the ability last, it kills enemies. Whether or not this makes ninja more viable, I have no idea, but I think that will vastly improve the ninja. Of course, when you summon a clone, whatever katana you’re using, the clone will be depicted using, whether its tiered/UT etc. That’s my idea for the ninja ability.


Couldn’t that be easily substituted with an attack buff, though? I see no other usage of an attacking clone, except it could succeed in making the game more complicated.


I guess it could be a decoy also.


Odd. Sounds a lot of like a particular Cloak designed for April Fool’s Day. And we all know how good that is…