Shuriken of rage (Agent of oryx ability)


shuriken of rage
Shots: 1
Damage: 1300-1700
Range: 12
MP cost: 90
Speedy on self/+25 Atk(when key held): MP cost 10/ sec
Stat bonus: +5 Defense
Shot hits multiple targets
Drops: Oryx the mad god

Note: All shuriken should pierce and when key is held, gives you +25 atk and speedy for 10 MP/Per sec
Other changes:

Ignores defense
Stat bonuses: +5 defense, +9 Vit

Crystaline Kunai
MP cost: 10 per sec/Speedy on self

MP cost:10 /Speedy on self
Flower bud: 450 dmg


it’s meh


Care to expand on that?


uh these already exisit


Completely different concept, can just relabel it.


i don’t want to be rude but the sprite looks boring


Deca won’t add stars with more than 1 shot into the game, it’s currently impossible without bugging out and causing a DC. Something something spaghetti code means that a star which shoots out more than 1 shot will just insta DC you.


It is technically possible, but you then have to deal with either a tooltip that states it as Wakizashi (because Deca hardcoded BulletCreate to always display that), or have no tooltip at all.

Hanagasaku and the Crystalline Kunai were both designed with a lack of Speedy in mind in the first place. Giving them speedy essentially nullifies carrying a tiered star even further - which is what neither a UT nor an ST should do.