[Sketch] My First Fan Art (Work In Progress)


I wanted to take a break from all of that RotMG techo mumbo-jumbo, so I made my first RotMG fan art. Since I don’t have a drawing tablet and such (and I suck at PC drawing with a mouse), I decided to simply use a pencil and paper for now. Of course, in the future, I’ll add outlining and such.

Here it is:

It’s a full letter-size paper and I only covered the bottom portion with a few characters.

My idea is to have a large group of characters running towards the Void Entity, but I am still trying to decide which character skins to use, if there should be other enemies, and more.

It would be really great if you guys could help me through this project!

– Gamma

EDIT: I’m almost done with the protagonists. It seems way too crowded and cramped, but I want to get all fifteen classes in. Since this my first work, I’m thinking of doing what I plan and see where it takes me.

Yeah…I kinda screwed up.

Fear not, however! After this experiment is finished, I’m planning on redoing it with fewer characters and more focus on a single protagonist against the might of the Void Entity.

As always, feedback is appreciated!

– Gamma

(NOTE: I purposely made the ground tilt downwards as to indicate the descent into the unknowns. I also changed the archer in the lower center into the Cupid Skin.)


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