Skin bug?


i’ve just gotten woodland huntress skin from woodland labyrinth, after use it on vault then created new huntress char to use this skin… but i’m surprised to found out that this woodland huntress doesn’t appear on skin list creation character…

then i log to my old huntress but another surprise… that woodland huntress doesn’t appear on my wardrobe!!!

im sorry for lack evidence getting that skin and … but this is first time happen to me, always did on whim
get the skin > pop on vault > test it

anyway it is fine if i don’t get my skin back… it’s not like i don’t have another skins LOL
i’m just very disappointed about this bug


Did the yellow text say “Please re-enter your vault and try again”?
Did you try scrolling down on the skins list?


nope… because after from nexus, i’m directly enter vault and pop it then relog to created new huntress


What about this?


i did check manytimes again and even now i just check another again lol… the woodland huntress doesnt appear on my skin list


When you unlock a skin you have to wait for a notification that says something like “You have unlocked a new skin in your wardrobe” or similar, did you see this before you logged out?


like i said i really did on whim… but that woodland huntress already disappear on inv tho…
and directly enter for new huntress creation character


Alright, but did you see that text in chat when you used it?


honestly i didn’t read it… after skin disappear i just logoff to enter new huntress creation char
i did like this a lot times already… lol
and this was first time i get the problem


It’s possible you didn’t wait long enough before you left your vault. I believe on vault unlockers and character slots the description reads that upon using one you have to wait until you get the text notification, and I think this applies to skins too; if you didn’t see anything before you left to the main menu it probably didn’t register the new skin but used the consumable item.

Unfortunately this means you probably won’t get the skin, you can ask Deca about it but without proof you likely won’t get it back.


yeah i know… how to get proof when you did it on whim?.. (what i did mostly same on my previous skins = get skin > pop vault > test skin )


Unless you have proof that you at least had the skin in your inventory at some point, then there’s no way to prove it now. Did you screenshot the bag when it dropped or anything?


man…all i did was on whim no screenshot or whatover… it’s same like those all my skins
you can see my skins collection…


With no proof you had it, there’s not much you can do then unfortunately


shrug it’s not like i dont have another skins…
just …i’m very disappointed about this stuff indeed ( another hundreds stupid wlab grind:face_vomiting:)


Never hurts to try messaging them. Just contact them with the support email, and say that you apparently didn’t want long enough before leaving your vault. A friend of mine when petstones were first added fed one assuming thats how it was used (ik, very dumb) and even without proof, Deca refunded it. Best of luck to you!


I should also mention for anyone reading this, that this would not work with UTs lol But a skin? Surely they’ll refund it.


i did send ticket to them contain same as my complain above…
let’s just wait…


You could use something like Muledump as proof.
But yeah, probably won’t do much good. Sorry about the bug – sounds really annoying.


i have had this happen to me but the skin reappeared when i relogged