Skin bug?


i’m very sorry about this… i can’t use muledump im not computer brain, i can’ even open that .js file from muledump, even irl im just working as courier paid for $14 hourly

i did couple times… even cleared my cache/cookie or something hoping miracle happen lol

btw this was my first trouble or complain since i played rotmg… seems like how they increase more content on game more bug appear too…and those hackers also increasing

now i learned my lesson… i will get more screenshot on every stuff like this


So I have seen something like this before. I got a skin but it was not in the wardrobe. However when I went to create a new character it was a selection option on the creation page but it still never showed up in my wardrobe. Could that be a similar situation? Not sure if you tried looking for the skin when you made a new character but it is an idea.


my problem is that woodland huntress skin doesn’t show up on wardrobe and new char creation…

like @Orsome menion above

maybe i went logoff too fast before message showing off (i get the skin and use it on USEast2, maybe because lag dealy) … i really did on whim every pop skins… and never happened before on my previous skins pop


You don’t need to be good with computers to install Muledump – I not the best at tech, either, and still managed to do it.

Even if you’re not planning on using it for the bug issue, Muledump is a super useful tool that you should get. It allows you to quickly view all of your items, several accounts at once. It eliminates having to log in and out of your mules and essentially saves a ton of hassle.

If you’re having trouble, there are numerous tutorials for help, and you can always ask this Forum community.


I’ve avoiding complicated programing stuff like that, really not for me…

about bug issue… i will keep in mind on future… always screenshot about skins i get before use it…


what happened to me is i used skin and confirmation message appeared but i could not find skin in wardrobe. after i relogged the skin appeared in wardrobe for me


after doing some a bit search… i found this

I’m sure my bug is same with this player… only difference is he record the whole footage and im not. so i’m not surprised when he get the skin back
btw you can also see this guy playing on laggy server xD

my advice for you guys are learn from my mistake… and record before pop skin


(to assist, it’s at 5min 15sec in that vid when the player nexused in the middle of trying to use the skin unlocker and so lost the item)

They have changed the error message since then so players shouldn’t now keep doing like that, clicking again and again, but yeah… if spending that amount of :heavy_dollar_sign: on pixels please do record for your own sanity.