Sky Fury (Bow)


Sky Fury


A bow forged in the heavens that can unleash a tremendous barrage. Its power is immense, but requires great effort to keep sustained fire.


  • Tier: UT
  • Shots: 5
  • Damage: 70 - 90 (average: 80 / total: 400)
  • Projectile Speed: 16 tile/sec
  • Range: 7.5
  • Effects: Shots hit multiple targets
  • Special Properties: Every shot gives -1 dex for 5 seconds
  • Rate of Fire: 100%
  • Fame Bonus: 6%
  • Feed Power: 1000

Shot Pattern


  • Red represents one arrow out 5 shots
  • Yellow represents two arrows out of 5 shots
  • Blue represents two arrows out of 5 shots

More info

  • Every shot (every “barrage” of 5 arrows) would decrease the dex stat by 1, which is stack-able. This would last for 5 seconds and refreshes upon shooting again
  • After 5 seconds of not firing this bow, you would regenerate dex by 2/sec
  • This dex deficit cannot be removed by purify
  • This dex deficit cannot be removed by switching weapons


Don’t know why but it looks to me like a hybrid between icicle launcher and artcic bow

Interesting idea offering a ton of burst in exchange for a steady decrease in firing rate. However, I think that the decrease in firing rate is a bit too slow to be that detrimental for the bow in most cases. Just too much burst.
Plus… what happens when you switch bows and then switch back. Does the dex detriment pass over?


this part blends a bit


First of all, thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

I never put this into a dps chart, but the dex drop with Every Shot. For example, at 50 dex (max dex for archer/huntress) you shoot slightly less than 6 times a second, which means you could only shoot this 50 times before you hit 0 dexterity (0 dexterity is around 1.5 shots per second, effectively quartering dps). I don’t exactly how this would effect the bow, since I can’t really test it, so alternatively it could be a flat firerate reduction per shot, say -2%/shot or something in similar vein.

As for switching weapons, I’m glad you caught that, as I didn’t put it explicitly in my notes. But no, switching weapons will not remove the deficit nor the 5 second “rest period”. This will ensure that it will be risky to use this bow on a boss with prolonged vulnerability frames as the overall dps will drop sharply.


Hmm, is that a good thing or a bad thing, and if it is… what would you suggest? More contrast?


yeah contrast




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