SkySlurp's Normal PPE Thread


A lot of people have been requesting this, so here it is!


gl btw






you will see once I set everything up


At last, the perfect thread exists!


Going hardcore, I see.

I once cut a circle in black paper and taped it on my screen, so I could only see a limited area around my character. I then ran a Shatters! You could use this idea if you want. Best of luck!


Maybe I should have invisible loot containers :thinking:


Oh god. That’s a cusrsed image.


This is a work of art. May the gods be with ye.


This sounds really fun and really horrifying at the same time! Good luck!



  1. I can’t see if I’m blinking

  2. Sand Devil I love these now
    edit: nope sand devils still suck


Is that a modified client or a shitpost?


I modified the original client


The real question is, since you’ve only debuffed yourself, is it against the rules?


All I did was switch my hotkeys


I guess disadvantage is a better word than debuff


The thing is that Sky is getting negative benefit from the changes to the game; I see nothing in here that is beneficial to their gameplay (other than the comedic value) in any way, and all of the changed measures are actively detracting from their capabilities. This is, of course, in contrast to standard hacked clients, whose anti-lag, autonexus, and anti-debuff features benefit them. In that vein, I would ultimately say that (imo) this is fine. DECA is the ultimate decider on such issues, though.

It should also be noted that GHZD made videos in which he turned off obstacles (making running through the realm very interesting), turned sprites into weird pictures and did other wacky stuff with the views. Given that he was never banned as a result of this, Sky’s changes are probably fine.


I really doubt deca gonna ban em. He basically crippled himself.


Infamous has competition?