SkySlurp's Normal PPE Thread


How is the NPE coming along? It would be cool to see some updates!


it was so invisible that sky slurp lost it


Sorry I haven’t posted anything

Deca updated the client a couple days after I created this thread and I didn’t feel like editing the client over again. I’ll make another client after the oryxmas update.




I need more content


Still waiting






By the way, how to change the game files ? I want to replace oryx by another sprite

EDIT : nvm didn’t found it

@SkySlurp can’t discord rn



Message me in 20 min





Please bring back my favorite ppe thread


i must see more


I know im late but…

T0 with all of this or no balls


btw the only thing you actually needed to mod was invisible char


This is true; a simple sticky note over the hp and mp bars would suffice.


No you simply drag the stats thing onto them

Rebuilding :)

@Wilhuff QoT hunting time :))))))))))))))


Sees a post: Content? No probs someone bumping
Sees “Rebuilding” clicks
Me: I can see stuff something ain’t right here


I died :cry:


thats not mundane