Slime wizard skin


Everyone time I do the 3rd quest on the tinkerer, I get the slime wizard skin. How do I get different skins from the tinkerer?


You can’t. Actually, it is useless to complete this last quest.


It’s changed by Deca, who haven’t changed it


So every time you are supposed to get the slime wizard skin? What about the other slime skins?


The Alchemist is disabled so you can’t even beat 4th quest. I personally believe they should remove all the quests and revamp the tinkerer, because of how garbage it is atm.


Exactly, the only worthwhile quest is the 2nd quest for the Loot Tier and the Loot Drop.


Currently it’s broken and only gives you slime wizard


I don’t think it is broken, I think DECA just doesn’t pay attention to it right now. I’m not saying it is their fault, just that they have much more important things to do.


It’s broken and deca hasn’t fixed it yet because as you said: [quote=“Endertimes, post:8, topic:5141”]
they have much more important things to do.

As it is clearly not working as intended


Ow alright, didn’t know it was broken.


deca should make all skins and ut items tradeable


Mmmm… Just the skins. But they should have another UT weekend. However, this isn’t really on topic with the thread so…


@Xxxerx it might be worth contacting Deca Games Support & let them know you would like different skins from the 3rd Tinkerer quest and not just permanent Slime Wizard. The more people who ask for it, the more likely it could change… maybe.


on the bright side the slime wizzy looks good :slight_smile:


They should replace the 1st quest with something else because it is useless


Huh, so it has always been the Slime Wizard skin? (Just came back to rotmg about half a year ago after a few years of break)

So I guess for collection purposes I’m gonna have to just buy the rest of 'em off people ._.


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