[Snake Pit Treasure Room Megathread. OB]


Not really weird tbh, I’ve seen two of those like that before. Its a rare occurrence but still not that weird.


Psh I’ve seen 8 in a row like that🙄



Lol lmao


A snake pit has to have exactly 5 rooms in between the start room and the boss room.



I got the joke, but it would have been even better had it been a valid configuration.
Therefore my 7/10 rating.



[Filler text, forum won’t let me post :frowning: ]


So you’re saying he missed the joke but you missing the joke was on purpose to make a joke?



Possibly :smirk:



You say seems, then you post a picture of the pokemon Farfech’d… is it because he looks incredulous?


Uh. Seems far fetched


4 trooms

probs no one seen this since its old af xd still >300views even tho i have 4-15K per vid almost now


Not sure if missing me missing joke to make joke to make joke or if missing me missing joke to make joke to correct me missing joke. :confused:


Lotsa jokes.


I just now found a snake pit with 5 treasure rooms in it, so in total I got 6 speed potions in one dungeon.


refer to screenshots on the page but good find


The maximum number of snakepit trooms is 5, and no, you did not break a record. Others have posted screenshots of 5 troom snakepits on this forum. (I think there is a megathread for it, but I can’t find it)

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