[Snake Pit Treasure Room Megathread. OB]


I went looking for a troom and the first dead end I found was a troom 7 rooms from the main path:

It turned out the other room attached to that line was also a troom:

full map:

Oh crud, I just realized I missed a path from the start room.


Can I officially say I’m taking the cake now?


Holy shit! 5 T-Rooms?! Only Nevov could get such a screenshot. Lol.


I have 7 trooms and a 2 min video of me walking through the trooms, confirming their existence.

I am still in that snake pit.

I can’t bring myself to leave and I am still freaking out.

You could pm me right now and I could show a screenshot of that pm as proof. Right away.


post it on r/rotmg


I might actually make a seperate reddit account for this lol

update: I did.

fml submission removed because account is too new



O_O :open_mouth: HOLY SHIT WTF DUDE FUCK NEVOV LOLOL THAT IS FUCKING INSANE! The most I have ever had is 4, and NO I don’t have a screenshot lol.


extra proof im not a fraud:

EDIT; For privacy reasons, removed one word.


Why not just post that video


I will, but I kinda wanna do that after I have to leave the snake pit
also youtube is a pain about 800x600 vids, might redo higher res thanks for reminding me


Why are you still in it? It’s cleared.

Just had a thought, Snake pit Trooms are limited to 5 but I wonder if the bug fix on snake pit to stop undoable pits effected that somehow?


I just can’t make myself leave it. It’s too beautiful. I mean how bloody rare is this?


there we go, the 720p vid is a bit longer but thats ok

here’s the vid:

still in there btw
ow just noticed my mic was still on in that video

Hmmmm, I’m disabling the vid link temporarily so that I don’t get ninja’d on reddit because of my 1 day account creation cooldown on posting.


Man, the things that amuse us.

I assume you got 8 bulwarks


nope, I didn’t.
some other bloke found a troom, didnt call it, I found one, made it 25% ded, tped to him (he just killed another troom boss, I wasn’t able to damage the ones he killed)

then he found my troom, we killed it, he went straight to boss and we killed the boss
he left, said he got 4 spd
I cleared and pmed him
the ones i found after were the two twin groups
he probably still doesnt believe me
I eventually got 6 spd

I’m actually gonna send him a realmeye pm now that I think of it


Image says all.50


Congratulations on the find.


I’m just using this as a troom thread I guess. I feel like ive seen a picture with more, but 4 is high.


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Found the same thing, but in a parasite chambers. Had my brother take a screenshot.