[Snake Pit Treasure Room Megathread. OB]


Same thing in a puppet


Is this even possible?


Originally I found 3 Trooms then out of curiosity I checked the entire map and found 4 Trooms.

What are the chances?

I do know other people have gotten like more than 4 trooms though which is even more insane.


obviously it is possible!




pretty cool

Post interesting map features here
Post funny moments in-game!

takes a deep breath

You lucky gamer


wow. i wonder if any of the @moderators still know where the original snake pit troom thread is.


Not a moderator, but here you go!

Please refrain from pinging moderators unless it is something that needs moderating :wink:


not a mod either, but I guess this should be split


eyy sorry. i just didn’t know if anyone still knew where it was.


wtf this is a thing


RNG hits the stonks market.


haha every time i see the new unity client i get confused thinking it’s a hacked client for a second

maybe i should pick up rotmg for a bit again soon


I think the bot broke when trying to close this years ago. If anyone beats Survivor’s posted record of 7, I will personally see to opening this thread again.


Opened by request to remain a megathread.


:O @XBookwyrmX did someone beat the record? or did you just reopen because it’s a megathread?


Megathread. There were others that felt it was still relevant, I guess. Wouldn’t it be impressive if someone beat that record, though? The most I’ve found is 5, personally. All lined up!

(It wouldn’t let me edit the opening description at the time with the gateway error, so let me try that now, sorry)


It really would be impressive. I got really really lucky. I’m also not so sure the odds of getting a troom are the same as they used to be after the snake pit rework.

I eventually stayed in there for something like 4 hours.

Oh, that’s pretty special too!


Not a record but hey, 3 lined up trooms is pretty bonkers to me.