So much bot flood, why can't this game get rid of this trash?


For real, why is this overlooked for years?


It’s not easy. First, those RWT bois can figure a way to circumvent the filter and… some players do support them too.


They could also just manually ban them… But deca is of course too lazy.


Even if they are lazy, they still have to handle bunch of things 1st before tackling RWTs. WE as intermediate and veteran Realmers should team up to combat such thing.


And then the bot creators would create some automated process for making new bots


They could also just get some moderators which could ban bots and even moderate chat for people using slangs and stuff.


2 words:

power abuse


I’ve given up trying to provide constructive criticism to this game, it’s been like this for more than 6 years.

DECA not only fails to address it, they also double down on the trash and maintain a pointless filter that constantly shadow-bans players. For around what, a year or two?

It’s not hard to create a custom player filter. :neutral_face:


It’s a game of cat and mouse and, if you’ve never watched Tom and Jerry, the mouse always wins. Almost everything you do to combat this type of behavior will have negative consequences on top of the wasted efforts. The RWT community is highly motivated by profits, whereas developers are nowhere near as incentivized to fight back. Asking Deca to dump money into this issue is either incredibly selfish or ignorant.


RWT supported by mass majority?! O_o

And very few supported Deca? That’s a real bad news…


its so simple. all this filtering and shit, and all they need to do is filter (.com), any form of (in stock), etc, and look at those names
from what i remember, there is realmbags, so just prevent realmbags being together, or using I in ReaImbags, etc, 0ryx/oryx jackpot and such. just filter those, instead of making mreyeball lose his shit at us players


And yet, you still don’t get it.

That’s exactly the kind of braindead move that gets me shadow muted regularly. You’re not thinking longterm, after the bot owners realize they’re being filtered and change their text yet again. Do you really think they haven’t gone in this circle a hundred times already? Even if you have something that works longterm, how are you going to keep it from nuking legit players trying to use words that relate to the game?


explain to me when you will use .com regularly, say oryxjackpot/0ryxjackpot, or say realmbags often. most people say pink bag, blue bag, white bag, no one says realmbags. lmao

also -> those are the site names, wont change often


Oh yeah? Some of those phrases are already filtered. What’s it doing for us now?


All the chat changes people complain about have been attempts to fix bots. they have tried multiple things and have not yet been successful. It is not a case of laziness. this shit is hard to deal with for a small team.

Manually banning them is very unrealistic.

They’ve addressed these issues in their most recent blog update.

Wotan claimed shadow mute was reverted which I can personally say is not the case

People make a profit off RWT they don’t want that to disappear, they are intelligent and will adapt to DECAs preventive measures changes.

Bots will adapt to chat filters within hours.

This was clearly a mistake and was not intended

is there a image captcha when creating accounts? there should be


Nope. Even if there is…

Radical solution could be taking down their websites (no DDoS since it’s a bad idea).

Suing them was suggested by someone but not sure it’s a good idea…

Decipher the bot’s inner codings and locate their weakness (prolly did not work and this is definitely hard).

Render RWT’s payment system unusable. Meaning if someone throw their dollars for the items, the payment would not process. Or… make the customer not receiving their items after paying (but requires to hack into RWT sites’ systems).


Ya mean very illegal and would put employees of deca in jail? XD

Usually not a good route for small teams the money and hassle is not worth it

Stop trying to get DECA incarcerated


id like to see proof that those filters are working for bots and not actual players. since they can clearly still spell out their website names. and also, just sue to take their websites down isnt a bad idea
I just searched up a couple of RoTMG RWT sites -> i don’t think this is an offense because I don’t intend to buy anything. rather, here is a screenshot -

there are accounts with o3 tops and whites and shit, legendary pets and whatnot, going for up to 500 dollars. i don’t think anyone is actually stupid enough to buy that, but like, thats a ton of money(even by rotmg standards), so its definitely worth looking into taking those sites down.
farming these white bags and shit obviously takes a load of time -> someone has to be buying these accounts or they wouldn’t still have them up for sale. there is obviously money to be made with RWT, so that is definitely something that has a cause to be taken down for violating the ToS of a site they are taking advantage of


Notice the number #325 people are buy these other wise it would not be worth the sellers time to get/make these accounts.

Get one, dupe copies

Oh… yeah you get it


It’s because they’re not doing a good job, it’s obvious at this point, no need to argue