So...My Brother Happened


I had 3 potted characters, my 7/8 Knight, 7/8 Archer, and my 4/8 Necromancer. When I wasn’t around, my younger brother went on my account and killed of those three characters. My only potted characters (other than a 1/8 Paladin) are now gone, along with the rare gear. Just to name a few: My Archer had DBow, Leaf Bow, my Knight had A.S.S. and Cutlass, Colo, and the ST Samurai Armour, my Necro had Geb’s Ring of Wisdom, EP, Summer Soltice Robe, and that blue robe that drops from LOD (I am having trouble remembering the name of it). The rage I have for my brother right now is undescribable…


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