So Uh... BS Death Stories?


Post BS death stories here. Mine was my 7/8 archer, 2 mins after CBow Get, and I had a Thousand Shot as well. Finished a lab, nothing was there, so I entered the realm portal. Didn’t load, so I restarted flash… No archer, and this happened:

Salty deaths anyone?

we tend to put these in death thread

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houly shit… that sucks…
I was laggy at ava and ended up running into all the confuse shots… rip my 0/8 warrior.
I’ve also died by tp a lot.
Also, I’m a red star, get your shit together, realmeye.


log out of realmeye and log back in


Tbh, I really wish DECA would allow char revives for retarded deaths, but being a permadeath game, sometimes you gotta deal with what you gotta deal with.


Well technically this couldddd go into the whine cellar, but I’m glad you’re seeing the other side of the spectrum :slight_smile: [quote=“Tifgy, post:5, topic:3420”]
you gotta deal with what you gotta deal with.

Trust me man, we’ve all had deaths that were out of our control. Darn windows virus monitor.


Or for my recent PPE Ninja death, a level 1 yellow star wizard calling Snake Pit…

5 Seconds later - Died to Djinn. Apparently, djinn sitter alert.


i had a 5/8 ninja, called abyss, a wizard went in, got a brute went to kill it, came back and popped by some mages.


i had a 7/8 archer, i tp to a guy in glands, i have a random shit ass lag, godwall, nexusing won’t work, then i die.


That happened o my Huntress and Archer.


5/8 oryx set knight in glands
got armor broken by an urgle
kept sitting right next to leviathan trying to finish killing it, still had like 50% hp, instapopped


gotta hate armor break.


6/8 Pally died to a thessal that was dead (I saw my loot bag)


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My friend lagged in a cem today, nexused showing that he had his rogue still but after nexus it sent him to home and his rogue was gone


Hardly did janus so the key of light just spawned on me and i got instad. Probably my most annoying death so far.


I was in a Shatters with my 4 8 pally.
Paralyze comes out(first boss). Die like instantly.
WTF??? I’ve done shatters before. WHY THE HELL DID I INSTADIE???
And no I was not standing in the purple poison whatever that thing is called.