So You Think You Have Lag?


Ya’ll don’t know this pain


yeah i do, since it took me like 3min to actually load the video the start

shouldve opened the performance stats, but ive seen worse.


I know it’s not the worst ever lag, but what makes it so annoying is that my game is about 70% this and 30% smooth.


Wow, you’ve really done it now fluf. You’ve put it up, for everyone to see, that you’re a dirty hacker. I don’t even have to look hard at the video to see all of the hallmarks of a client. Disappointing.


better than me, im getting 5% decent and 95% 200 net jitter with me dropping to 200hps because of it.

wait, actually? where, why dont i see anything?


Its a joke between me and him, we call each other hackers and cheaters in game.


Yeah right! That’s just what he wants you to think! It’s obvious he’s hacking, you can see it in his UI etc. God hackers these days…


I wouldn’t say anything if I were you
(I know it was for lag reasons tho so idc)

And also telling rotmg players that they don’t know lag is like telling santa he doesnt know christmas.


Stress this, I got rid of all the bloatware on my laptop. So it’s all g now.

plus that was a joke


Maybe don’t have 9000 other programs open at the same time and you’ll lag less. My internet is fairly decent but RotMG runs at that fps without anything else open.


Unless any of these uses significant bandwidth, background programms wont make any difference.


He has skype and chrome open


I feel bad for you.


I was planning my holiday. Speaking of which, I’ll need somebody I can trust to login for me during the time i’m gone.


An idle browser and skype (unless you’re doing a video call) shouldnt use much bandwidth


It does if you’re laptop is trash, like mine :wink:


I highly doubt the amount of data a programm sends depends on your laptop model


To be fair, Chorme is a hog especially if you have any add-ins. I have found, whether it is static or idle, it does suck up quite a bit of bandwidth. Granted it should not cause that amount of lag though.

And I would agree with your statement that the laptop should not make that big of a difference in the amount of data transmitted.


((it doesn’t))


I would just use muledump and reload it every day. Easier than logging in manually.