So You Think You Have Lag?


Oops I was thinking more about memory used on the computer not data transmissions, my bad.


weird flex but okay.


Here’s what you do:

  • Set Graphic to “Low” (sorta lessens game quality, but you gotta do what you gotta do)
  • Set Shadows to “Off” (shadows are completely useless and causes so much lag)
  • Set Ally Projectiles to “Off” (in pub dungeons like TOA, OT, and LH, this really helps trust me)
  • Set Particle Effects to “Low” (somewhat helps tbh)
  • Don’t play RotMG with a bunch of tabs (it just gives you more lag)
  • Try not to record while playing (only good computers don’t lag when recording while playing games)

The mighty lag [connection issues]

rip my first 7/8 today T_T wasnt even my fault


All those things only help with frame drops


eh, i suppose

but back to the question:

i actually do. my pc is goddamn older than me, and my chromebook is weak af


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