Some ideas for "competetive" Realm


The first season I don’t really like, but there is room for improvement and experimentation so here’s a few ideas they could go with:

Updated 10/1/19

Dungeon Running

might’ve already been suggested but I was thinking of a different approach to this. Instead of seeing how fast you can kill the boss, it would be seeing how fast you’d be able to find the exit portal for the dungeon and how high of an alive streak you can reach. How this would work is you would not be able to equip pets, dungeons would have no boss present, and when you start off your run, it would go from the easiest dungeon, to the hardest (excluding certain dungeons like the void, ice tomb, shaitan, etc). Since it’s just about dungeon completion, It also doesnt matter if you die, as it would record your highest streak of completions (which would nullify autonexusing, as that would automatically end your run). Leaderboards would show your highest streak of completed dungeons.

Speed Running

Slightly different from the above. instead of going for the highest streak of dungeons completed, you would have a set amount of dungeons needed to be completed, say 10 for example, and you’d need to complete these in the shortest time possible. Portal for this challenge would appear in the nexus, allowing for 20 people per round. Leaderboards would act similarly to the arena leaderboards.

Last Man Standing

As the name implies, be the last one alive to win the round. Would work in the sense that a portal in the nexus would pop up, allowing for everyone to enter, once say 50-85 players have joined the round would start, spawning in about 1-2 bosses per minute, increasing in difficulty as the round progresses. Leaderboards would show the amount of rounds won.

T0 Only (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

What the name says. You would not be able to Equip, or use any item above t0, but can feed the items. To alleviate the [boredom] of grinding for hours on hobbit mages, every dungeon will drop two mystery stat potions at least, and t0 items would be buffed. Pets up to legendary would be allowed. would only include up to kabam era dungeons. Leaderboards would rank most alive fame.

Hot Potato! (it’s actually a beachball but also an ice sphere)

Basically, a portal would open up in the nexus, allowing for 85 players per round. players would spawn in the beachzone map, and there would be a wait timer so players can load in. once the timer reaches 0, the round would start, and a random player would receive the beach ball, which will kill them in one minute. the player with the beach ball must find someone in close proximity to them to pass it over in order to not die. once the one minute is over and whoever has the beach ball dies, it would start the cycle again until only one player is left, making them the winner of the round. this would obviously not allow pets, players would be maxed in all stats. Leaderboards would rank most rounds won.


works like RiFTS, except everything is fucked. Boss attacks have random damage (debuffs are the same though), but have the same defense and hp. all items have random stat bonuses, damage, range, etc. classes have random base stats. item drop locations are completely random, but maintain their base droprates. beach spiders spawn everywhere for no reason. all dungeons and events will appear, except nest and D W A R F M I N I N G. leaderboards would rank most alive fame.


small things that don’t necessarily have to be competetive leaderboard based, but more arcade-y such as:

Tower Defense

just basic TD in realm. you’d be able to attack enemies and buy turrets and allies to assist you. these would be available in wave downtime after each wave. your tower would have a set amount of health (5,000 for example), and each enemy that successfully passes through will deal vary amounts of damage to it (beach spiders would do 50 damage to it as an example). leaderboards would show highest waves survived.

This would also lead to some pretty nifty ideas for deca to [Nickle and dime] with skins for your turrets or whatever, and even throw in stuff for legacy realm.

Not Tron or slither io

Control a crystal serpent and wiggle (or slide) around a medium sized map. Map would allow for 15-20 players per round, and would play like slither io, except the serpent growth depends on time instead of eating orbs or other players. round would end when only one player is left, leaderboards would show most rounds won.

Season Duration

dungeon and speed running

most likely would last around 2-3 days, as it would get stale if it went on for longer.

LMS (last man standing)

3 days at least.

T0 Challenge

0 days (but seriously, it’d last around 3-4 days, considering leveling and grinding would be slow imo)

Hot Potato

2-3 days at least.


2 days minimum 5 days max.


2 days minimum 5 days max.

That’s all i can think of for now.


Dungeon Running and Speed Running

  • Could be a permanent minigame/gamemode due to the solo aspect of it
  • Can replace the ugly Arena sitting in top left of nexus

Last Man Standing

  • Basically Arena but not solo
  • Maybe bosses could be invulnerable (I’m thinking of sileeex spawning 100 spooky bois in beach zone)

T0 Only (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

  • Oh god.

Hot Potato
Speed stats have to be the exact same for every character in order for this gamemode to be fair. Depending on the size of the map, players could easily outmaneuver one another. Also, will the hot potato kill ONLY 1 player or explode in a small radius, killing any players close enough to the player holding the beach ball?


  • Just dod-


Though randomized would be really unbalanced, it actually sounds fun as hell lol


yeah, speed stats would be the same, might have to be 60 spd at least.

the potato in question would only kill 1 player, but the exploding thing with a radius could be fun, given that the player with the potato is highlighted with the explosion radius is shown as well.


So what’s the point, again?


to use t0 items, duh. and since you’re only using t0 items, they would have to be buffed, seeing as killing mid game bosses would take way too long otherwise.

that just gave me an idea though…


Oh. Yeah, I know that.

What I’m saying is that there’s no point buffing T0 items. They could just be regular tops.


the buff wouldn’t make T0 items equivalent to tops, it would only make them more viable since they’re going to be the only thing you’ll be able to use for the duration of the challenge. especially for wand classes, where priest would be severely underpowered compared to a wizard or warrior.

and if they were regular tops there wouldn’t be a challenge.


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