Some questions about this forum


So, to do some research for an upcoming project about this forum(not an idea),I would like to ask some questions to the veterans about the origins of this forum.
Oh yeah, and sorry if these questions might be personal, ambiguous, or might seem rude/uptight.

First questions
1.When was this forum created?
2.Who created this forum?
3.Who were the first moderators and when did they became moderators?
4.In its origin state, what did the forum look like? Were there any categories/features that are here today but not in its origin?
5. Who were the first players that created accounts?
6.When did badges become a thing, and were there ones that didn’t exist back then?
7.When did the leaders, regs, and the like come about?

1st questions, act two, realmeye edition
1.When did the trading section fist come and who was its first user?
2.How does realmeye find out about pet feed left. do they know aboutthe skins you’ve unlocked?
4.How does it snycronise to the website?

Well, I guess that’s it for now, but I will ask a lot more questions soon.
(and for anyone who wants to help with the research, for the project, Pm me.)


About 2 years ago I think?

The Realmeye guys.

The moderation team hasn’t changed all that much since the Wild Shadow days: people like Doc, Stupidity, OtherBill, etc…

I think @Doc might have been the one to suggest making this forum when he realized Kabam was going the way of the dinosaurs.

This forum is based on a template called Discourse, so all the features are just personal tweaks the admins made to the base software.


Hmmmm, yeah I know that, but I wonder if anyone knows the exact date.

Who are the realmeye guys? Are they like a team using discource to make this? Do they include mreyeball?

Hmm… thanks for the doc part, but is it mentioned anywhere in the badges when exactly they became mods? Or is it the same as leader?

For these ones I wanted a more precise answer, but I guess I should ask the @moderators for that?

Thanks RMGnoob!(not sarcasm btw)


I’m 99% sure it was august 5th 2016


Hmmm… August 5th. Can you give me the source for that please? I would like for the info to be as sound as possible. (again not trying to be rude


Mr. Eyeball has been here since day 1, so his joining date should be the day that it was created. Also it’s august 4th, my bad.




The anonymous RotMG players who created Realmeye. I think there’s at least two of them.

MrEyeball is just the account they use as main bot.

There isn’t a “Moderator” badge or trust level.

One thing I should probably mention is that the forums weren’t open to the public at first. There was a period of time when the mods were alone in here testing things out and making sure they were ready to open.

I can’t remember the actual date all that well. You should really try to get ahold of the @moderators if you want an exact timeline.


August 19th 2016 was the official launch to the public; I know because I joined day one. RMG is right, because the forums wasn’t open the public the mods and MrEyeball have slightly older accounts.

Edit: My proof of this is if you go to #game-discussion, sort the list by “Activity” (click on Activity twice to sort oldest-newest), you can see the first posts from actual users being August 19).

It was the RealmEye team of course, but @Doc initiated the whole thing by contacting RealmEye about this. Doc being the person that steered and sailed the late Kabam forums into the distance.

These moderators were all mostly moderators from the Kabam forums (with the exception of Pfiffel? idk) with Zxcv getting an honorary leader role (probably for his contributions as a reddit mod). Two other people–Nevov and Shatter–have also gotten leader since then.

I think you would enjoy reading the Forum Changelog page. Categories that weren’t in the ‘original forums’ based of my terrible memory include: #game-discussion:testing, #community-hub:xml, #news:developers-corner

This is a bit hard, but you could try looking at some older posts as with question 1.

Badges always existed, because it’s part of the Discourse forums software. With new Discourse updates there sometimes came new badges but I’m too lazy to try to find a log lol. You could try searching a Discourse update log.

Leader = mods except Zxcv, Shatter, Nevov. Regulars came pretty soon after the forums launch, around a month later after certain reading/posting/liking requirements were fulfilled. First regular was @Piggby.

I was pretty interested in this question too, and using the Wayback Machine I think we can approximate the genesis of the trading page to around Jan 2012.

The same way they know you have a back pack on, what items you’re wearing, your stats etc. There is certain game data not displayed on ‘normal’ clients but is available publicly–one of them being your pet stats.

This is even simplier, they have bots in the Nexus that simply keep track of what skins they’ve seen you wear. That being said, if you have a skin that you’ve never worn before, it won’t list it as an unlocked skin.

Black magic.

  1. Pretty similar from what I remember. There are other sub-categories that weren’t here before, such as #ideas:cosmetics, I saw Doc talking about creating that category on an old topic I browsed through earlier.

  2. all users with basic badge, has little reqs o this should be just about everyone. The oldest people with this badge were the first ones here: you can go to the members badge page to see the oldest who posted a bit more.


Thanks for the responses!


doing that requires holding your pagedown key for like 10 minutes

apparantly a few people from the kabam forums got early access. @Poopythell is the first one


It was very similar to current, the forum software (Discourse) is occasionally patched with updates, details of which can be posted by mods in: #news:forum-announcements (in particular there is the Forum Changelog topic you’ll probably want to look at).

They have always existed here because Discourse had them already programmed when RE forum launched. There is on the Discourse Meta forum (entirely separate forum from RE, about the Discourse software) a Badge FAQ page which might be interesting to you:

Same as badges, because they already existed in Discourse, they were live from the start, there is a Trust Levels page in the FAQ. You can see details of to whom and when the ranks were awarded on the relevant badge pages:

Eg. the info about Regulars is on:

The player profile pages launched in November 2012. The trading section was launched a little later, on or around 28th January 2013. There wouldn’t be a particular first user you could identify since everyone can access the pages simultaneously.

RealmEye’s nexus bots “see” your active pet’s stats because I believe the pet level info is part of the data transmitted by the game in public to allow each player’s gameclient to display other players’ pets correctly. If you hatch a new pet and don’t equip it, or level up a pet and don’t go into the nexus, RealmEye doesn’t know about it.

Similar with skins, RealmEye only knows about skins you have worn in the nexus because its bots have “seen” you and detected your character’s attributes, the same way each of our gameclients sees the other players and displays the correct graphics on our screen.


wtf you forgot about poopy


Poopys dead to me, also Piggby was firster iirc


@JawsJakt who was first reg

@Shatter @Piggby and poopy played a bit recently to @Poopythell


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