Some things that probably only bother 10% of players


So I hope eventually DECA comes around to resprite the whole game. Not to change everything too drastically but to polish and fix inconsistencies. I think I can rant paragraphs about this, but I want to just point out a few items that I would like to be tweaked slightly.

Ring of Minor Defense
image 🠖 0
I know that it’s literally a tutorial item but the item description literally says, “A silver ring that buzzes with a faint magical hum”. All T1 rings have “A [stone] set in a silver ring.” while T2+ have “A [stone] set in a gold ring.” I think if one of the first items you get has an simple error like this, it shows inconsistency and can set off a bad impression for the game as a whole.

Penetrating Blast Spell
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I think the current design looks too much like Jade Strom and too similar to tiered spells. Just like how JStorm sprite represents the item description and has a distinct look, I think PBlast should also get similar treatment. I really like items to reflect a theme or represent where they drop from, so like giving it the same color scheme as Xolotl would be cool.

Ghostly Prism
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Along the same idea as PBlast looking too similar to another existing item, I feel this current UT looks far too similar to T6 Prism of Apparitions. I think just making it a bit lighter makes it a way more distinct.

Orb of Sweet Demise
image 🠖 0
This one may be a bit nit-picky but I feel like making it a bit more distinct from the tiered orbs is necessary. Maybe it even needs a complete sprite redesign, this poster made this cool sprite:

Fiery Katana 🠖 Burning Katana
I really think the name of this weapon is really lazy. There already is a Fire Blade in game, they honestly could’ve had a better name than just the set name for the sword. Again, just really lazy on DECA’s part and kinda has me feeling like they’re going to start getting lazy with newer items.

I don’t expect any of there changes to be made just wanted to share. Comment your opinions below too.


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