Some VERY controversial ideas


Your last idea sounds pretty nice. People pay a monthly fee to get free keys, skins, cloths, dyes, etc. It has to be economically sound though. There should be a prices/reward ratio according to how much realm players spend each month. It also has to be a better deal than just buying the things separately as well. For example, if a realm player spends 20$/month buying a total of 35 keys, if they buy the membership, its 20$/month, but he gets 40 keys and some fp as well. Therefore, more people will buy the 20$/month membership because they get more profit out of it.


No keys. No pets. No feed power. You miss understood the idea. It is a hardcore legacy server.


I support the paid servers, as long as it acts like a normal one so you can freely switch between the paid server and the free ones (your vault slots and chests would be tied to your account anyway, not specific servers). It would simply be an upgraded game with a completely improved community, and doing it this way doesn’t remove the free to play aspect because we would still have the free servers.


Ok, so the reason this idea isn’t ideal is because it’s supposed to be a fresh start server. Everyone starts on the same footing. No dupes have ever occured, etc. The item pool isn’t trashed by history. Maybe a cross-server premium server thing could be another idea, but that isn’t the idea I’m putting forth.


I see


I can’t find any good reason to need a fresh start to be honest. You’re suggesting inserting a separated game (RotMG 2) with different accounts, I don’t think that fits with anything we have right now and wouldn’t help make our old RotMG better.


I didn’t 100% read it all, but I read most and I agree with you on pretty much all subjects. I don’t think these are really controversial ideas at all, but you did lure me in with the title, so good job.


I play trickster a lot and have to disagree with this, there is a slight delay where the client hasn’t picked up the direction you’re moving in, but it’s the same regardless of server lag, if you know that specific delay well then you can easily send decoys exactly where you want to with minimal movement (and even start moving backwards before sending a decoy with it still going in that direction); changing decoys to be directed in the camera’s direction would result in much more clunky decoying where you’d need to wait for the camera to rotate.

Let’s say we’re at 0 degrees/default rotation, and want to quickly decoy behind us (without dancing swords!!)… yeah.

One common thing I tend to do in dungeons is move northwest or just west briefly before teleporting backwards to send a decoy into a wall to effectively act as a bootleg knight (in lost halls, nest), or in densely packed LH rooms send a decoy to both sides of a corridor/room, to make dealing with each group easier. With camera rotation this wouldn’t be as easy to control, though it would be safer since finicky movement is reduced - I do find this movement quite fun however.

One definite benefit I could see is standing decoys not being random, but that’s about it really, hmm

Just wanted to give my thoughts on that, :^)


The guys that heal just outside of glands drop hp/mp potions at about a 50% rate (or higher) so you don’t have to annoy join a guild/bother guill for potions :slight_smile:



I’m glad you chimed in. I love trickster. I tend to just run straight at walls and tp to the corridor, I do agree that it may be very difficult to send decoys backwards, but maybe that should be the hallmark of the dancing sword’s prism? I know it doesn’t teleport, but it’s a thought. Standing decoys are the worst, as are decoys that just pause randomly pretty much anywhere. I just think that this would make it easier to use trickster while you’re doing really tight dodges in bullethell-boss situations. I could be wrong. I’ve never actually wanted to send a decoy backwards, honestly.


what if decoys just went in the direction you teleported…

heres a controversial idea… Get good.

dude what are you talking about

this is actually a good idea.

while this is not actually true, I know what you’re saying. Unfortunately ROTMG is free to play, pay to have fun.

i mean like this is cool… but also like sorta not necessary. Learning by dying is a part of this game no matter how frustrating it is.

unfortunately all of this is too much to ask :confused:

  1. What if you just created a decoy in the direction of your mouse? No teleport, because trying to create a decoy and teleport at the same time is really hard to do. I think teleport should be limited to certain UTs, like planeswalker. Then, maybe you could do something cool with the decoys, like giving them the ability to daze, or the ability to tank shots. This way every is not carrying the same t0 prism.
  2. You’re supposed to stack up on health potions before going to the godlands without a good pet.
  3. Vit/Wis changes: yes
  4. Cronus: yes. Maybe give it piercing. Bulwark: It’s wacky shot pattern makes it special.
  5. But then why hatch common/uncommon eggs of your own?
  6. So, like a mode that actually depends on your SKILL, not your $$$$? This would take to much time to implement.


you can already to it if you are good at the game.

we already have that.

too OP. imagine that at nest perma-armor break phase.

that will just make it a straight upgrade from stinger.


You mean good at trickster? I am good at trickster, but I feel like it would be more interesting to have the decoy explode and give a status effect/do small damage.

Yes, I understand that the Brain of the Golem gives daze, but that is only one prism, and I was thinking what if all decoys had a really small explosion? The explosion doesn’t have to be very effective, just something that gives the player a feeling of satisfaction, like when you stun something.

Maybe I should have elaborated more on this. Maybe the decoys have a certain amount of damage they can tank, and that the decoys can’t tank armor breaking/piercing shots. There are many things that you can do the nerf this.

First of all, Dirk of Cronus is an event white. It should be good. But if you think about it, a piercing Dirk of Cronus is not a straight upgrade from Queen’s Stinger Dagger. Stinger pierces armor. Stinger has more feedpower. Stinger has more range. Stinger shoots faster. Also, piercing is more effective when you have higher range, so you won’t be able to pierce as much as the Stinger.


already good now :ok_hand:

sure, but Cdirk outdamages it until 102 def :confused:

0.5 range difference is not that much.

and let’s be real. Cdirk, some noobs can just get lucky and get it, but stinger, you actually need to run nests. Even though they are both extremely rare, I’d say Cdirk is ‘at least more common’ not because of it’s droprate, but where it drops. (yes cdirk droprate is lower ik that)

yes you can get stinger from epic quest chest but… what are the odds.


I like most of them and just learned about Guill lol. However I like the leveling and rolling to 20.


I think this would be a great idea.
also make it so you can trade UTs/skins/pet skins/etc… Absolutely no Soulbounds, but that would also mean duping is open market, which also means deca would need to resolve the duping issue.
another idea would to be make it so character slots/vault chests account only
like you buy a vault chest on (current account) you get it on all servers
or instead of that make it so vault chests/character slots farm able, one way to farm them is using the quests or do every star you get on a character you get a certain amount of vault chests and you get a character slot every other star.


But its super rare, and it’s still not as good as etherite, which is more common as well as tradable. Its nowhere near the other event whites such as Juggernaut and Shield of Ogmur. Giving it piercing wouldn’t even bring it up to the two mentioned before. Giving it piercing makes it a weapon worth losing your “friend of the cubes” for.

0.5 range is a difference when you have low range already. The difference between A.S.S. and pixie is noticeable.


buff Sea-dirk lel ecksdee

sometimes tiered ones are better.

cuz it’s range difference is 0.55? :stuck_out_tongue:


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