Someone give me a guide to Lost Halls


I’d recommend starting in a big group, raid leaders will help you learn the basics.


Are you talking about mbc/void, cult, or just LH in general that you’re havig trouble with


Git gud casul.


White star can’t do LHs SMH

lern 2 doge


What stage do you nexus? If it’s during the dungeon itself, is it because you’re too near the front-lines and people inadvertently drag on you? Usually if you’re doing discord runs, the leaders call out things that will kill you / make you nexus (i.e. spooky, crus etc).

If it’s during boss fight, is it because it’s too laggy? Otherwise it’s pretty straightforward in a group.


He’s just a yellow star, so cut the guy some slack.


Stay in the big group and shoot everywhere to ensure a hit for a chance at loot :wink:


is it lag? i suffer the same issue

stay in the group
dont count on priests too much
know what shots are able to be tankable and not tankable


The guardian thing. I always nexus because of the wall shots thing. I can’t dodge it beacuse too many people in the group.


then tank them, priests should heal.

PS: the guardian is called Marble Defender


First phase is easy, just walk from left to right, then back if necessary. I just back out of the room for the next phase but the safest place right on top of the defender (I have died there though, so take note of how much damage each shot deals to you and how much health you have left


Its still a crappy dungeon. Designed for hackers using no status.

Damn, I should be contributing some positive comments … here goes … You are a wonderful person, you bring joy joy to those around you.


@Toastrz @Kiddforce


Well what classes are you using? If you’re nexusing in the “dungeon” part, stay back. Marble Defender should be easy. If you really can’t survive it then use a healing class on top of the healers already present. Voids and Collosus just need practice.


Not sure what you mean by this. If anything, LH 2.0 has a higher focus on raw damage projectiles than any other endgame dungeon. Even if you still disagree with the usage of status effects, saying the dungeon was designed for cheaters is a pretty huge leap in logic.


Did you mean: “The Nest”?
Oh, wait.

instant death

Back on topic, I can’t give you any tips regarding Defender, because I consider it such an easy fight. If you can’t take the first phase, just stay out until it ends, then go back in in as straight a line as possible. This’ll let you evade most projectiles.

That said, here’s some general tips for each enemy group:
Grotto Beasts
You can often see Bats “leaking” from these rooms into others. If it’s the first room, 5 of them will charge at you.
Focus down the slimes if you can lure them without entering the room too much. Be prepared for the slimes being respawned, and back out once one of the Blob’s tentacles reaches the hallway you came from (if you’re standing there).
The Tormented Golem will be the first to exit the room. Simply stand so that its shots don’t hit you.
Once it’s returned to the middle of the room, lure and kill any Golems of Anger. After that, any Golems of Fear; they change behaviour past 50% HP, where they only try to circle you, so don’t be too scared of them. If necessary, you can also kill the remaining Golems of Sorrow, but driving them back is also an option.
Be wary of its last phase. If it charges for long enough, it could shoot right when it reaches its target.
Oryx Infantry
An Admiral may leak from this room just like a Bat. It becomes vulnerable near the end of its 2nd phase after it’s spawned, so dodge before that. Then, work your way through the Armorbearers and Swordsmen one by one. Once the Champion flashes red, back out quickly, as that indicates respawns. Repeat. Once it chases, wait for the Admiral to be some distance away before dragging the Champion while staying close enough to it for it to remain vulnerable.
Deadliest one, probably. Focus the Commander as much as possible, and if you run out of space, drag it diagonally like a sine function. Afterwards, clear the rest.
Spectral Sentry
Drag it slowly. Remember, it won’t try to sit on you, it will try to circle you. Its teleports allow you to maneuver yourself accordingly. Make sure you have room to back off to.


Let’s not forget that no debuffs actually got patched, so :man_shrugging:


The mighty @Toastrz that made LH! I bow down before you! I am seeing such influential and popular people that make stuff in realm or/and make videos of realm in just this forum. One example is @Arkie, who wasted time trying to get lots of fame, a lot of people who have created pixel art such as skins for realm, and people who create content such as dungeons in realm, and people who make guides for realm, such as @Bluenoser. I also see realm youtubers. I see all these people in just one day! Anyways, I don’t even know why I’m even here.


using no status dc’s you. it’s been that way for quite a while now - i think it was a deca patch. i guess to reiterate niegil:

and it’s not even that much of a status effect shitfest compared to some of the more classic dungeons, like tomb.


Stay in group and shoot enemy.


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