Someone got the LH discord?


Someone share LH discord i really cant do public LH


Just in general, the search bar is your friend for this sort of request.


bro, not offense but… those servers are bullshit. I Got mutted cause a security guy was pretty mad… i just say hi and then a DM appears saying “you have mutted: 3 days”


he’s not the owner of any of the servers in those lists. those lists simply show you a lot of different discord servers that may fit your needs. if one server isn’t for you, you could just join another one


there is 2 inactive servers and 1 that i get mutted for all the event


Which server was this?


If you’ve read the rules, in most servers, they explicitly say to not ping/PM certain levels/people. So… if you happened to get muted for that reason, I think you deserved it, no joke.

I know it’s stupid and it’s an awful feeling, but those rules are there for a reason, because they don’t want to be pinged and PM’ed 24/7 by people wanting to raid or otherwise.

Also, most LH discord have closed their verification for the event so people can’t flood in. Or use alts.


Lost in halls is very good but they don’t recruit unit end of a event


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