Something got messed up in new update


Apparently for players that had “tree lag” before, it is gone and runs smoothly -> for players like me that havent had tree lag in shatts before, its a sudden and horrible change. I had just realized how terrible it was - i had gotten slowed and clicked nexus 5 entire seconds before my character died. RIP 7/8 Mercys Bane and Scutum+red core… oh well. Point is, idk what deca did as far as tree lag goes, but I think they should give different versions of the game for those using Mac (the ones that now get tree lag) and the players using other PCs. it really sucks.


It’s not just trees. It seems anywhere there’s a lot of items, whether objects (including trees), players or enemies the game lags, getting progressively worse the more items there are. It’s worse than the Flash client, it’s like the Flash client before hardware acceleration was added.

It seems to be a Mac specific problem. I reported it on Reddit here and many other people have replied since, almost all using Mac of various ages and capabilities. Apart from Mac the common factor is that this update is the issue.


I don’t think it’s Mac specific. My brother and I both use Windows OS. My computer is a year old and has never had any issues with exalt. My brother’s computer is a few months newer than mine and always used to have issues. Ever since this issue I’ve been frame skipping horribly in most dungeons and he doesn’t seem to have any problems at all.


just sad :frowning: if this game wasn’t already dying, as people have been saying since 2013, DECA is really doing a good job at killing the game rn

it’s hard for me to read the words “unplayable” and “can’t play” so often :frowning:


it seems like players who didn’t have sprite lag then, now have sprite lag.
and the players who did have sprite lag then, now don’t have sprite lag, which is really odd.


It wasn’t

They’re wrong

No they’ve actually made the game significantly better than the mess that was Kabam era

I think you’re forgetting the part where this update
A. Fixed the lag for around as many people as it caused it for
B. Didn’t even affect everyone who didn’t have lag, I still run plenty smooth


Uhhhhh… I’m pretty sure this update gave significantly more people this problem. I’m pretty sure all Mac users experience this (I’ve asked my friends who play on mac os and they all have experienced this), and the fact that even non-Mac users are experiencing this too makes it all too scary. Just because you haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean others haven’t experienced it.


The thing i don’t get is, why you’re bootlicking DECA, for literally keeping status quo regarding the game being unplayable for the same amount of people, while the game itself should be playable for all?

The fact that DECA has improved the game a whole bunch, doesn’t take a way from the fact that they consistently push updates littered with bugs, while also failing to address said bugs, and the problems they cause, thereby alienating parts of their player base.

Just to note a few recent ones, whom by the way still exist as of patch notes

  1. UI drag gltich
  2. Vault glitch (which DECA mentioned was fixed, but turned out to not hold true)
  3. Tree/entity glitch
  4. Exaltation glitch
  5. UI maxed stats glitch

While the glitches themselves aren’t necessarily game breaking (like the one OP is literally mentioning in this thread), the mere fact that DECA refuses to address them to the community is the root of the problem.

If people really want to support ROTMG, and in order for it to thrive and grow, we should push for 1. More transparency, and 2. Community outreach, both two problems DECA does jack shit about right now.


Never had tree lag and still don’t. Deca didn’t change anything with this. Yes, the vault glitch is still a thing


reads title

What else is new?


Once more… Just because you haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean others haven’t.


This is strange…

I’m a Mac user and experiencing the exact opposite. I have 60+ fps and my computer’s fan hasn’t turned on. Normally my computer is close to melting.


In Testing Shatters lagged hard


this is with a new macbook btw, 2020 catalina air. It really sucks that i lost a mercys bane knight w/max def and life to a fire mage… that shit dont happen lmao, complete cheese. id say this is possibly the worst update for gameplay in general for mac


Gone are the days of Flash, when new updates could be tested and compiled for all platforms at once. Mac and Linux just don’t have the numbers to justify the cost of supporting those platforms. This is why I’m still using Windows :frowning:


Felt that lol. I have a fan to kinda cool it down but still gets warm


that’s my secret captain, i’m always lagging.

jokes aside:
two mac users in my guild (the only two i hope >:( ) are reporting a lot of lag



I was noticing something like this on testing, where my frame rate would just drop to almost nothing whenever I was near trees, like in a Shatters:

I personally didn’t report it as I didn’t know where (and this is a good opportunity to ask where to report bugs in the future, should I just post on reddit or the RE Forums thread?) but it seems like this might be an issue with certain types of graphics cards?

I’m not super familiar with the way all of this works, so forgive me if anything is wrong/stupid, but I think it might have to do with GPU more than OS.

Could everyone post their graphics cards in addition to your OS and perhaps even CPU? The more information we have, the more it might help DECA fix the problem. Doing some quick searches I’ve found people theorizing it might have been because of an AMD card in the past:

I’m running Intel i3 8th-gen CPU with UHD Integrated Graphics 620 (plz no bully i play on a non-gaming laptop lol) on Windows 10.


Add a new, game breaking bug to this list.

  1. Dying on characters sometimes gives 0 fame, doesnt appear in graveyard.