How do you play sorcerer I could use a little help

Thoughts on sorcerer

you like press on sorcerer and when you see enemies you press
“space” or whatever your ability hot key is.


You shoot stuff and use your ability to do damage on groups.

I’m not even joking, thats pretty much the only thing sorc can do.


Sorc is total shit heck. No dps and doesn’t help the group in any way. Wizzy has comparable range and much more dps.


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You are right the slow can be useful. Other classes do it better tho.
Cnidarian reef wand could be good if you are doing desert kings in lowlands I guess.
Sorc still doesn’t do dmg even with the other 2 wands.


Ah, yes, one-shotting gods is utterly normal for other classes! No sweat whatsoever for them (:

I think you’re forgetting the fact that Sorcerer can pierce, which multiplies its DPS drastically.

Anyway, Sorcerer is a fairly simple class. Use your Scepter to deal with weaker enemies to clear them instantly, or deal a good blow to further-away enemies.
Don’t underestimate range, either - the .45 increase from Staves allows you to reach just outside the furthest off-center part of your screen.
Also gonna tag @Nevov since they’re basically the most invested Sorc I know.


the reef scepter is SHIT that thing is not good for anything if u have fulmi and devastasion


kkkkkkkkkkkkk you really don’t now what you’re talking about,
when i’m at gland with my 8/8 sorc, i use to insta EVERY god i see, with my scepter + wis mod

give sorc a chance


I’m sure that 2.1k damage at 9 range for 80MP is a common thing, right?

And like Seelpit says, piercing classes have an incredible damage potential.

PrimeGrind has forgotten about how many enemies are in LH rooms I guess.


This about as objectively wrong as you can get, sorcerer is the best class for inflicting slow because he’s the only one who can inflict instantaneous mass slow. Huntress has to wait for the trap to land, Archer has to wait for the arrow to connect and only hits a tight group, necromancer has tiny radius with esben, mystic can’t slow stuff if it moves outside of aether’s radius and has stasis to deal with for the honey orb, and knight has pitiful range with flowing clarity.

Sorcerer slaps more targets with slow and does it faster than any other class with any other ability.


What changed my opinion of the sorcerer was maxing wis*. It does make a big difference, and it is not very difficult. Now I think the only bad thing about this class is that you could miss all the loot that drops off-screen if you aren’t careful.

* for a long time I didn’t see the point in maxing stats, given that my char was going to die soon anyway…


Do you even wisdom bro??



I mean, you’re not wrong…

@Ancienther here’s another place you could check out for more info:


This one (among the others) is pretty dated, though.
There’ll be edits to it, though, so keep an eye out there.


I look forward to them!

And I was definitely about to include Talwar’s guide video, until I remembered just how old and inaccurate it is nowadays.


Cnidaria Rod
“This scepter’s maximum damage is 1155, given you have 91 Wisdom and are hitting all 9 targets. This rivals the Scepter of Devastation in damage, which has a maximum damage of 1230, but only hits 3 targets.”

The Scepter of Fulmination is good for slowing down enemies rushing towards you really well but has horrible damage. The Cnidaria Rod however is much better in some cases as it has immense damage if there are many enemies together, which is pretty common in many areas in dungeons, granted of course that slowing is not needed.


Your weapon pierces. This lets you get in damage on all sorts of enemies, from the Snake Pit boss to Tomb bosses, which are surrounded by minions/artefacts. It makes it much faster to clear rooms in many dungeons where enemies tend to bunch up and can be easily funnelled down corridors. You have more choice of targets as you can hit more than what’s in front of you. All of these let you shoot 2 or more things at once, more than negating any damage penalty compared to e.g. staff classes.

The ability is easy to use, hard to use well. They boosted its damage with wismod, but damage falls off with each target so choice of target is more important. And you have to aim more accurately as the aiming cone is narrower now.

What else? 60 max base speed is pretty nippy – only dagger classes go faster without abilities/items. You have the best range in the game, which can be boosted even further with St. Abraham’s wand. Good Vit score too for a non-melee.


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