Specters Quiver D/C and enemies walking through walls


Quiver of Shrieking Specters causes ‘connection lost’ when used on top of enemies, sometimes.
Enemies in the Parasite Chambers and OT can zoom through destructible walls - very bad for Painlings.


The coral and fleshy tentacles in those two dungeons aren’t “solid” walls, which is why enemies can pass through them. They’re not quite the same as, say, the destructible walls in the Shatters, which occupy a “full tile”. It’s rather nasty for Painlings, though, and I’d be very grateful to see their instant detonation gone.

As for the Shrieking Specter DC, that might be because of too many projectiles hitting an enemy at once. I did hear a vague report of people being DC’d when another player lost all their health at once by sitting on an enemy, but kinda weird that it’d happen with that as well.


Right, that makes sense technically. It’s probably not the intended design to let them through, I’d guess? Pretty unfair, that would be.


I always thought those walls were intended. Parasites should be able to slither or move around those spiky, flesh-like walls whilst most sea creatures should be able to easily swim right past the corals.

DCs are almost guaranteed to occur whilst using abilities directly after getting quieted, which I experienced often from using the Brutal Buckler in Oryx’s castle. The same could be said for the quiver. I think this only happens exclusively with getting quieted, but might also happen when getting silenced or slowed (havent tested those).


That’s an interesting take! However, I must say I think things like these should be tuned for gameplay consistency first (ie. enemies not running through obstacles without any warning) and for realism second.


There is a warning, if it’s a wall, they can’t go through, if it’s an obstacle they can

Forbidden jungle enemies can go anywhere
Glands god can go through rocks and trees but not cyclops castles
Parasites go through weird vine stuff
Fish people go through coral

It is consistent throughout the game it’s not like the specific examples are special cases or stuff like that


Sentry walls though, those count as obstacles and not walls


Not really. They’re a special case, since they’re spawned in not at Realm generation, but after monsters may have already spawned. For some bizarre reason, this allows the monsters to act as though the walls aren’t there - thus leading to that “phasing” effect.

You’ll also notice that weapons like the Kazekiri and abilities such as Stars can’t go through them, indicative that they are walls.


also painlings are deliberated generated inside those breakable obstacles (not walls, obstacles) to discourage recklessly sitting on them point blank, so it’s perfectly reasonable for them to pass through those obstacles since that’s the role they’re intended to have.


@Xaklor I see. I disagree with the Painling design so much that I had not imagined that could have been an intended implementation. They can run at you at very high speeds from the next room through those obstacles and kill any character instantly - in a mid-high level dungeon where you are often slowed in small rooms with multiple hallways. Bad design imo; ‘justified’ in realm, a bug in any other game.

@Nameness Clarification: I mean warning in the visual sense. I don’t agree that this kind of behaviour adheres to a higher level ‘consistency’ (or quality) - it’s more like that each variation of wacky implementation is consistent.

@Filde I am sure that I was neither quieted, nor silenced, in any of my D/Cs. I was trying to use the quiver to buff ents/sit on Davy during his off phase. However, that is not to say there isn’t another D/C bug pertaining to quiet/silence - the one I encountered is simply not the same one.

Disclaimer: I have not died to a Painling/in the Chambers in a very long time - my judgement is not affected by personal events.