Spectral Dagger (Spooky Boi White Bag)


Spectral Dagger

SpectralDagger Spectral_Shots

The blade glows with a faded blue as the flames pierce through the handle, rumor has it, it is said to contain the souls of its deceased owners.
The longer you wield this dagger the more you feel your soul begin to wither away as if its intentionally trying to murder its host


  • Tier: UT
  • Shots: 1
  • Damage: 100-210 (Average: 155)
  • Range: 4.777 tiles
  • Effect: Wavy Wavy shots.
    For every 100 hp lost gain -3 spd -3 dex.
  • Rate of Fire: 120%
  • Stat Bonus: +5 spd +5 dex +20 mp +20 hp
  • Fame Bonus: 6%
  • Feed Power: 1200


  • Originally: Effect: Wavy Wavy shots. Taking damage when below 200 HP gain Slow for 3.5 seconds. --> Wavy Wavy shots. Taking damage when below 200 HP gain Slow for 3.5 seconds. Taking damage when below 200 HP gain invisibility for 2 seconds. --> Wavy Wavy shots.
    For every 100 hp lost gain -2 spd -2 dex. —> Wavy Wavy shots.
    For every 100 hp lost gain -3 spd -3 dex.
  • Damage: 105-215 (average: 155) --> 110-215 (average: 160) --> 100-210 (Average: 155)
  • Range: 5 tiles --> 4.777 tiles
  • Original Sprite: Cursed_Dagger Dagger_Shot --> SpectralDagger Spectral_Shots
  • Removed: Special properties: Shots pass through enemies,

Drops From:

More info

Just wanted to drop this here.

  • Note: This effects starts at 600 hp and stops 200 hp capping the debuffs at -10 spd -10 dex. The debuffs add up after 100 hp is lost in between.
  • Purification tome does not remove the debuffs only healing does.
  • Obtaining this dagger depends on the ability of the player to tank as many shots as possible, the more damage they obtains the more likely the player is able to obtain the dagger.


So extremely powerful dagger with a massive +15 speed, but every 45 seconds if you drop below 300 hp you get slowed for 3.5 seconds

I see little reason not to use this, especially if you have a good hp ring


You rite


Interesting idea, but the debuff would be easily gameable. I mean if you think it could happen soon then do something to make sure it happens, in a safe place. Then you have 45 seconds free of it. The cooldown time really needs to be much less.

Also +15 speed on a dagger? All dagger classes have 75 speed, easily boosted by their ability (cloaks) or UT armours most of which (CSilk, Spectral, Bee) boost speed. So +15 means you have a char going at 90+ which is insanely fast. A boosted maxed Ninja goes about that fast and it is too fast, except for rushing. When playing Ninja I play without speedy on most of the time as 60 speed is fast enough for godlands + dungeons.


Here, I’ll fix it.


Kinda useless on rogue :frowning:


tbh that would be cool, tho how would it work tho? if you cant damage it?

cause then at that point i would assume you could make it so the way to obtain soul bound, is by assuming taking damage from spooky increases chances


Sounds like another item I will never get…


Yeah see I had thought about that. But you can still hit him, so maybe it could have a damage counter and SB threshold just like any other monster. And would, through the power of RNG, bestow this dagger as a drop for one lucky player. But not guaranteed though, like every time a spooky dies, it wouldn’t drop. But yo your idea is cool too! I like the concept of what I am now deeming “reverse SB damage.” The threshold would be based on how much damage you take. A big balls contest of sorts haha. GOD imagine the discord RL’s getting pissy because everyone wants to take spooky boi hits xd


RL would be joining in. Everyone wants in


This item makes me feel like Etherite is a balanced item.


indeed, I Cant like comments anymore ;0;


Shots pass through spooky boi, he cannot be hit


its almost like hes a ghost


Ohh, well make him hit-able. Hehe. Na seriously though, I didn’t know that because whenever he comes through I just try to get tf away from him.




One issue it’s Spooky Boi, not Spooky Boy


Actually it’s Spectral Sentry

sorry for being the un-fun guy




those are contradictory words