Spectral Great Sword (MoTMG UT)


Just something I thought would be cool for a new MoTMG white

Spectral Great Sword


A staggeringly large blade taken from the spirit of Oryx. It fades to the ether and back to the realm in dire situations, making the wielder invincible, at a cost.


  • Tier: UT
  • Shots: 1
  • Damage: 300-500 (average: 400)
  • Rate of Fire: 50%
  • Range: 4.25 Tiles
  • Projectile speed: 2.5 Tiles/second
  • Life Time: 1.7 seconds
  • Stat Bonus: -5 SPD, +50 MP, +5 WIS
  • Special properties: Shots Pass Through Enemies
  • Ethereal Phase: When HP is 250 or less, gain stunned, invisible, and invulnerable for 3 seconds.
  • Ethereal Phase Cooldown: 6 seconds
  • Soul Bound
  • Fame Bonus: 5%
  • Feed Power: 1,000

Drops From:

Hopefully it’s more balanced than usual.

Special Thanks to @Darkawaiii for helping with the new sprite :smiley:


Coupled with a range of 5 makes it a bit too OP in my opinion.


what you using for sprite?


Ok so I have a few questions/comments:

  • For the projectile speed, i think you mean 2.5 tiles/sec, not 25
  • Like Barnette said, the highest range of any sword (beating out colo and crystal by .5) along with piercing
    makes it a bit op in my opinion.
  • If you gain over 250 hp within those 3 seconds, I assume the Ethereal Phase would continue anyways (?)
  • When it says “gain stunned, invisible, and invulnerable for 3 seconds” Would that be the same as stasis with the added bonus that enemies like 02 aren’t attracted to you?
  • Lastly, if you get bursted down from 250< to 0 (Like with an Ice Sphere) would the passive be skipped?

Those are some of the details I was confused about, but overall I LOVE the idea and would totally use this sword!


He is using this…


true. I’ll lower the range a little, but not too much.

nice catch, I was confused on how the calculations for projectile speed worked on pffifel. and yeah, the Ethereal Phase would continue regardless if you gain 250+ HP.

not really, you can still move, just not attack. the main reason I did that was because it’d be easily abusable otherwise, especially if you have a good pet on you, plus to make it more of a saving grace period that you use to run away form an encounter.

based on how Realm handles that type of stuff, most likely.


lol nice joke


it still needs a projectile


Troo :sob:


The sprite looks great, I would love to have that to use and flex


very good I want this


Continuing the discussion from Spectral Great Sword (MoTMG UT):

You peeps are trying too hard to make new weapon effects and stuff. Can we just stick with relatively similar, traditional stuff? Weapons shoot, and hit targets. I see no need for the weapon to have these special effects outside of shot hits enemy. Sorry, but I’ll give this idea a super no.


While the sprite looks nice, the item is completely broken (in my opinion). Here’s why…
You could get an absurd amount of sustain, relying on the sword to gain that 3 seconds of invincibility with only a 6 second downtime. In a game about perma death, this thing’s passive will overtake every other sword in high end dungeons because it is such a large safety net. From my own experience, I’ve been saved a several times with the protective matrix which only activates at only 75 hp and has a 240 second cool down.


i have a strange feeling that this ethereal phase is some kind of skyrim reference


this is a cool idea. people say it is op or whatever and it might need slight tuning, but this game needs some new stuff that is “op” that will spice the game up as most the current items are sorta bland / basic including uts (not a terrible thing ofc and this is just my perspective) and the new items from the crystal cavern / fungal cavern are also good steps in the right direction imo. this game needs some really cool weapons or more effects for items like how terraria or other games have crazy stuff. It might seem a bit “op” at first and it could use slight tuning - but i think that is what this game really needs and is missing are more items like this that makes the game more fun

I feel like items having unique approaches to them rather than just simply adjusting the damage, adjusting the shot pattern, adjusting armor pierce etc - and this is an item I feel like would make the game more fun and would help with that perspective but I feel like It should be really rare aswell.

You can’t really keep adding new items to this game without creating a new approach to it, if you are just adjusting those other variables I mentioned before with messing with the DPS related stuff then you aren’t really making a new item imo and you are just copy pasting and that is just sorta boring after awhile and they might aswell just all be tiered weapons in the UT category or something when those are the only variables you are adjusting with an item. (all just my opinion, ofc they can make items however they want but i feel there is a lot of potentially cool things that could be made to make the game more fun to play)

I feel like it should activate it a lower hp count though, maybe like 150 or somewhere around that. 250 hp is still a bit of hp to be thought of as a time where you would need that effect imo. but it is a cool idea. I think I remember something from lotr that was similar to this


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