Speedy Necro Skull (Idea)


Skull of ???

Um help with description plz lol.


  • Tier: UT
  • MP Cost: 95
  • Duration: 4 sec
  • Cooldown: 4.5 sec
  • Damage: 200(base, scales with wismod)
  • Range: 3.5
  • Effect: grants speedy when used
  • Stat Bonus: +10 SPD, 50HP, 50MP
  • Special properties: Ignores def or enemy
  • Fame Bonus: 4%
  • Feed Power: 800

Drops From:

  • Snake Pit?
  • Magic Woods?

More info

So basically, I had a thought. Warrior can speedy, Archer can speedy, Bard can speedy, Mystic can speedy, Rogue can speedy, you get the idea. Since necro is a class not many people like, I think with a skull that grants speedy would be pretty cool. I just couldn’t think of any description because I’m uncreative lol.


And Priest, and Wizard (technically with this: https://www.realmeye.com/wiki/slurpian-sea-scroll), and Ninja.
Wow. That’s actually half the classes in the game that can speedy. At this point we should probably just give all classes a speedy ability. I like your idea, Necro deserves a speedy.

But the question is, how long?

Also, I’m not sure if this is possible, as Memento Mori has to ignore 400 defense because they couldn’t make it ignore all defense iirc


Interesting idea, though both Snake Pit and the Magic Woods drop enough UT items. As for help with the description and title, it’s completely dependent on what theme you want to go with – dragons, bees, anything you want (that’s the beauty of making items!).

Left an idea below:

Wind Dragon Cranium
The broken and ancient remains of a wind dragon’s head. Those who possess it feel the silence break, the gales blow, and the earth submit to the divine speed of the currents.


10 spd, 50 hp, 50 mp. Broken. Though Necro DOES need something that good for people to play him…


Don’t do it! The fact that so many classes already have a method of being speedy is not a reason to give it to Necro as well!

The classes should be distinct and play differently from each other. If you want to speed along at Mach 3 around the map, play ninja. We already have the problem of more and more classes being able to inflict the various debuffs in the game, we to not need them all to also get the same buffs.

Necro is already pretty awesome as far as debuffs go! You can curse with the cult skull, slow with esben, puri with Shaitans, gain damaging when Momento Mori, all while healing AND doing damage to enemies! You say not many people like Necro, but I don’t think that is true at all. Necro is one of the best classes to play before you have an amazing pet, and is still a fantastic class to play solo or in a group.

The fact that some discord groups don’t allow you to bring it doesn’t mean it is bad or that people don’t like it, all it means is that its dps is worse that a melee no matter what equipment you have.


^ This. Classes are meant to be different, I don’t agree with most of the classes having speedy in the first place but for regarding my opinion I think objectively adding more speedy isn’t a good idea, if you want a speedy staff class, use Mystic


speedy for 4 seconds, with a cool down of 4.5