[Spoilers] 2 Bella UTs and more


subject to change


Deca’s already said Bella’s is getting a revision with a patch on the 12th. With that, the key is back to being usable anywhere instead of just the realm/vault/ghall/another bella. To that one guy asking how guild bella keys would work, I guess that’s not issue anymore. (also the key gets 200 fp from 50 omg)

There’s not much info to give but uh, resprite wow

there’s also another boss called Cupid

god i hope that sprite’s a placeholder, but it was added once already as Succubus last Valentine’s so you never know. The actual Succubus is also coming with the same sprite so hopefully it is a placeholder.

bella gives 2 fame (from half of one), cupid gives 3

Valentine’s Day Archer Set

No new items here, the reskin archer set (leaf/qot/csilk/ubhp) just classifies as an ST now, similar to Entropy/Ornaments. Only difference is the set bonus.

2 piece: +20 HP, +3 VIT, +3 DEX

3 piece: +30 HP, +5 SPD, +5 VIT

4 piece: +40 HP, +4 DEF, +7 VIT

(what’s with the obsession of vit on recent set bonuses)

Skull and Star

both white bags


Perennial Cranium

(honestly thought that sprite was a sword at first because of skullsplitter)

A floral-infested skull of one of Belladonna’s victims. It exchanges the lifeforce it steals into the plantlife, blooming powerful vegetation.
Sprite Credits: TLMaelstrom
On Ability Use: Create a life-stealing plant that lasts 5 seconds
Damage: 125 every 0.8 seconds
Heal: 25 every 0.8 seconds
Max Heal Targets: 5 players
Range: 3.5 tiles

MP: 130

Stats: +60 HP, +4 SPD, +4 VIT

Cooldown: 2 seconds

the actual skull stats: 100 Damage (+ wismod and ignores 40 DEF) and 60 Heal in 3.5 tile radius

Fame: 6%

FP: 900

The “life-stealing plant” is created wherever your cursor is instantly (like aether orb/the 2 fungal items).


Bloomed from Belladonna’s Garden, this plant has grown into a lethal weapon through its disc shape and exceptionally sharp petals. Its seeds fly off when thrown, quickly spreading itself through the surrounding area.

Sprite Credits: TLMaelstrom
On Ability Use: Plants a Bud Bomb that explodes after 1.5 seconds
Bud Damage: 900
Bud Range: 3 tiles

MP: 120

Stats: +4 SPD, +4 VIT

Star Stats: 400-600 damage 15 tile range and passes cover

Fame: 6%

FP: 900

Same deal as the skull, cursor instant spawn.

loot pots aren’t orange bags anymore

and a lot of other shit (both clovers, candies, max level pot, class mystery skins) aren’t either. That should be all of the things that actually drop, unless they start putting st chests or char slot/vault unlockers in chests.

Hearts/Love Letters also return with slightly changed sprites. Like previous Valentine’s events, the Hearts are tradable.


Oh man Oh man I can’t wait for them to sell the keys or fame!


Deca’s gonna implement vitmod obvious


The bella resprite actually looks good. Whoever did it needs to do more.


It used to look disgusting but not in a bad way but sort of in a bad way?
Also, a star that spawns a spellbomb? :confused :


oh that’s a really good looking star. i like that, especially the speed bonus.


I still have 4 bella keys nice


These leaks are now live in the game, see: Valentine's Day Events [Feb 12th to Feb 19th]