[Spoilers] Dagger Buffs, MotMG Campaign, Balance Updates, Reconstruction Updates and a lot more


subject to change

the dagger buffs are a week old and were on reddit but i didnt want to make a new thread for it so i tacked it on here !!!

Tiered Daggers

Literally only went up, but t6 is no longer the black sheep of daggers. Poison Fang has taken its place.

  • T0: 20-60 (40) -> 25-70 (47.5)
  • T1: 20-70 (45) -> 25-80 (52.5)
  • T2: 20-75 (47.5) -> 30-85 (57.5)
  • T3: 25-80 (52.5) -> 40-90 (65)
  • T4: 30-80 (55) -> 45-100 (72.5)
  • T5: 30-90 (60) -> 50-110 (80)
  • T6: 35-65 (50) + 150% RoF -> 60-125 (92.5) + 100% RoF
  • T7: 60-140 (100) -> 70-140 (105)
  • T8: 80-160 (120) -> 85-155 (120)
  • T9: 85-165 (125) -> 95-165 (130)
  • T10: 90-170 (130) -> 100-175 (137.5)
  • T11: 90-175 (132.5) -> 105-190 (147.5)
  • T12: 95-175 (135) -> 115-200 (157.5)
  • T13: 110-190 (150) -> 125-220 (172.5)
  • T14: 125-205 (165) -> 140-235 (187.5)


Only changes are to damage for all of them.

Dirk of Cronus

Damage: 130-250 (190) -> 150-290 (220)

Symbiotic Ripper

Damage: 117-190 (153.5) -> 110-165 (137.5)

Etherite Dagger

Note that this is only for the SB ST, Legacy is unchanged.

Damage: 110-215 (162.5) -> 130-250 (190)

Poison Fang Dagger

This is on top of the changed one from yesterday’s post.

Damage: 60-100 (80) -> 70-115 (92.5)

Spirit Dagger

Damage: 45-245 (140) -> 50-280 (165)

Queen’s Stinger Dagger

Damage: 65-155 (110) -> 75-175 (125)

Carved Golem Remains

Damage: 120-130 (125) -> 140-150 (145)

Corruption Cutter

Damage: 75-85 (80) -> 85-100 (92.5)

Bounty Hunter’s Dagger

Damage: 120-170 (145) -> 110-160 (135)

Toxin Tooth

Damage: 230-280 (255) -> 265-320 (292.5)


Damage: 165-185 (175) -> 190-215 (202.5)

Soulcursed Scythe

Damage: 300-400 (350) -> 345-460 (402.5)

ok lots of changes

T0 dagger = Bounty Hunter, T6 = Avarice


definitely not hard to read

included both etherites since both will still exist after


It seems to be mostly based on range now, lower range = more DPS.

Not sure how much I agree with that Etherite buff (and I hope it changes, especially since it’s an ST), but the rest seem very good.

CDirk finally got buffed… only to be shafted yet again by Etherite, but still, went from 5th to 3rd. The Etherite is also the SB one so the accessibility of it isn’t as high.

Avarice got a much needed buff, can definitely call it the best dagger in the game now.

Tiered still seem a bit underwhelming but that’s not too big of a deal.

Ripper is fucking dead.

There’s a lot of shit.

Ample/Free Packs

The trailer showed the 4th free pack but there’s also a MotMG Ample Pack planned with 2 Char Slots and 4 Vaults for 2299 gold, which you can buy 2 times. The discount is almost a 50% so it’s one of the better Ample Packs. No mention of Potion Chests in it.

The free packs include:

  • Free tokens for the Campaign (idk how much)
  • Free 8/8 through 8 candies
  • Free pet food/max level pot (the one from the trailer)

Tome of Purification/Status Effects

They seem to have stuck with their gut and kept self-puri. But it did get minor buffs elsewhere.

  • MP: 150 (from previous leak, was 120 with cooldown) -> 110 MP
  • HP: 120 -> 140
  • +7 VIT/WIS -> +10 VIT/WIS

With that, there has also been a nerf in status effect duration in a lot of places, all for the Puri nerf, the status effect rebalance itself and the pet nerfs. Some notable ones are (these are not all of them):

  • [Native] Sprite Gods no longer Quiet for 10 seconds, now Silences for 4 seconds
  • [Native] Slime Gods slow for 3 seconds rather than 6
  • Crystal’s big ass Quiet bomb now only Silences for 8 seconds rather than Quiet for 20
  • The shitty highlands Flayer God Silences for 4 seconds rather than Quiet for 10
  • Highlands got some changes besides status effects, things like Orcs actually give exp now
  • Dammah’s Spinners now Sicken for 3 seconds rather than 5 (not the arrows, the spinners)
  • Gemsbok’s (the Treasure Artifacts) big ass purple shot now Curses for 4 seconds rather than 10
  • Nest had many status effect changes, mostly lowering duration
  • Halls has many changes, I don’t think I can mention it all but this is some of them:
    • All MBC Pillars status effects went from 3 seconds to 2 seconds
    • ^ same for the Rocks it spawns that shoot colored status effect shots
    • Blind is gone from void, that shot now Silences for 2-3 seconds
    • Confuse is also gone from Void, that shot now Exposes for 3 seconds
    • Couple Void status effects got lowered, not too significant
    • All Silence from the 4 clones phase (i forgot the name) went from 3 seconds to 2
  • O2’s egregious status effect durations got halved, the Weak went from 60 seconds (!) to 15
  • Tomb Bosses’ 10 second Weak shots are now 8 seconds and are a bit slower

Bard’s Lute

It’s its own header because it’s a pretty significant buff. All tiered Lutes now give group defense.

With a range of 4.5 tiles, it goes from +1 DEF at T0 to +10 at T6 and +12 at T7. Duration goes up with tiers but it’s 2 seconds at T0 and goes up 0.5 seconds per tier (so 5 seconds at T6, 5.5 with T7).

Oh also minor change, there is no longer a cooldown.

This is a great buff for Bard to not only make it viable but also to give tiered lutes an actual reason to be used.


  • Glass Sword is also no longer the black sheep :frowning:
    • Now does 110-160 damage
  • QoT got nerfed to 3 seconds of Daze from 4
  • Fungal Breastplate got nerfed from +60 VIT to +40 VIT (that’s still really good lol)
  • Sandstone Seal went from a base +20 VIT on prod to +10 VIT on PT to +15 VIT now.
  • Candyland bosses are now Stasis Immune

Skuld Set

Etherite got nerfed from 120-250 damage to 115-225 damage. I’m not gonna do the mess of a DPS graph again but all you need to know is CDirk is strictly better now, and will be the 2nd best dagger in the game period.

  • Ghastly Drape

Lost its ability to go invis but got a new proc

With Full Set: Invisible for 2.5 seconds

Invisible Cooldown: 3.5 seconds

But it also got general buffs:

MP: 110 -> 85

Damage: 100-100 -> 200-300

Range: 8.5 -> still 8.5 but is faster

Effects: Paralyzes -> Paralyzes and Pierces

Stats: +5 ATT

Cooldown: 6 seconds -> none (0.5)

I still don’t think people will use this but hey, it’s not completely useless now.

Undead Lair

the one that wasnt update last time, Sprite is also mentioned in Craig the Builder’s dialogue but nothing there yet

(yes it has no animation lol)

(this isnt troom boss, that isnt updated yet)

(yes there’s a wind flower head)

The skeleton does seem to be somewhat significant even if it isn’t troom, it has half the HP of the troom. Actually, it could just be a replacement for troom but yea idk.


There were some minor changes to a lot of things but there’s still a lot of shit to leak so I’ll skip over that.

…except for the more Pirate Cave paintings because they added memes (and references)

Feel free to guess what they are. First one in the third row is free space with hipster.

High Tech Terror

(yea those shots are cut, sue me im lazy)

(placeholder sprites for those pets, and there looks to be an archer set planned)

There isn’t much I can know about the dungeon itself from xml but that’s fine, there’s more important things they’re testing with this. FERAL gives 5 fame and has 100k base hp so that should tell you a bit about its difficulty level. They mentioned “it will demonstrate a variety of new projectile functions that were never before possible, requiring heroes to read patterns and anticipate attacks in all new ways”, and it seems to be that. The possibilities include:

  • Burst Weapons
    • Self-explanatory, the specifics include BurstCount, BurstDelay and BurstMinDelay
  • Accelerating (and decelerating) shots
  • Status Effects on tiles, includes removing status effects/perma status effects while on tile

(i dont actually know how sewers sick works, but it’s not the same thing)

MotMG Items

These are pretty unpolished, which also includes the campaign. There’s a number of inconsistencies but hey, the general idea is there.

Before getting to the campaign itself you need to know what the items are.

Don’t get too excited, they’re just T12 weapon reskins but have +2 VIT and 7% fame bonus.

  • Nail Gun Bow

The precision skills of archery translate well to pulling a trigger.

  • Spatula Dagger

Lay down the foundation of your enemy’s demise!

  • Screwdriver Staff

Just as essential in the field of construction as it is on the field of battle!

  • Measuring Wand

Measure twice, because you’ll only need to cut once.

  • Hammer Sword

Cannot banish people from this realm like certain other hammers, but it’s plenty strong enough to get a job done.

  • Sawblade Katana

Force your foes to buzz off with this sharpened tool!


Same thing, T13 armor reskins but have +4 VIT (no 7% bonus, same as t13).

In order they’re: Magic Construction Vest, Fitted Construction Vest and Heavy Construction Vest

They all have the same description:

High-visibility equipment for workers on the front lines of construction. The ventilated cloth helps keep the wearer lively and vigorous in demanding circumstances.

Sprite Credits: Mizumi

The description for these all have the Energized Oryxmas Ornament proc but it doesn’t actually have that proc so. These have a much better “twist” than just + vit. Also if it’s not obvious, they’re rings.

Laborer’s Hard Hat

A rugged hard hat worn by stalwart workers in the name of reconstruction.

Sprite Credits: Trensient

Stats: +90 MP, +2 ATT, +2 VIT

On Hit Proc 1: If you are In Combat and have over 90% MP, gain 100 MP instantly. 10 second cooldown.

On Hit Proc 2: If you are In Combat, +5 ATT for 5 seconds. 10 second cooldown.

Fame: 7%

FP: 700

Operator’s Hard Hat

A sturdy hard hat worn by steadfast pioneers to bring the realm’s territories up to code. Wear it with pride!

Sprite Credits: Trensient

Stats: +100 MP, +4 ATT, +4 VIT

On Hit Proc 1: Same as above but 200 MP

On Hit Proc 2: Same as above but 10 ATT

Fame: 7%

FP: 700

Foreman’s Hard Hat

A stout hard hat worn by the most devoted leaders of the realm’s ambitious reconstruction projects. The height of Personal Protective Equipment!

Sprite Credits: Trensient

(holy shit that’s the ppe word)

Stats: +110 MP, +6 ATT, +6 VIT

On Hit Proc 1: Same as above but 300 MP

On Hit Proc 2: Same as above but 20 ATT

Fame: 7%

FP: 700


ngl i have no idea how the mp proc would be useful with an on hit, especially if it requires 90% mp lol.

Though this does confirm that Vital Combat will be coming on the 23rd. I wasn’t sure if everything would be at once but it seems everything in the trailer will be, then maybe UT Exchange later on in the month.

But also:

  • Set Bonuses

Requires the above weapon/armor along with one of the construction hats.

Now there’s bonuses for 2 and 3 pieces, but there’s also bonuses for 4… but there is no ability. Either that’s still coming or they fucked up. The hats also don’t have a setType so it’s not even functional yet. So I’ll save this for a future leak when it’s more finished.


  • Construction Weapon Box

Exchange this item for a construction Weapon of Choice at the Tinkerer!

  • Construction Armor Box

Exchange this item for a construction Armor of Choice at the Tinkerer!

  • Construction Skin Agreement

Exchange this item for a construction Skin of Choice at the Tinkerer!

  • Construction Goodie Bag

Open the Goodie Bag to get a reward!

Speaking of skins, let’s go over that.

Also FYI those skins from the last leak (not these ones) will be sold through box/packages for the same price as normal skins.

MotMG: Reconstruction Campaign

Same campaign as the trailer.

Gear up, climb the scaffolding, get constructing! Gather Screws, Nails and Planks by demolishing Bosses. Exchange them for themed MotMG rewards and powerful gear and consumables!

As a reminder from last time:

Nail - 5 points per token and 20 stack limit

Screw - 10 points per token and 15 stack limit

Plank - 15 points per token and 15 stack limit

they fixed defeatuing


  • Rank 1: 100 Points

Laborer’s Hard Hat

  • Rank 2: 300 Points

Candy of Extreme Speed and Dexterity

  • Rank 3: 700 Points

Candy of Extreme Wisdom Vitality

  • Rank 4: 1300 Points

Construction Weapon Box

  • Rank 5: 2100 Points

Construction Skin Agreement

  • Rank 6: 3100 Points

Construction Armor Box

  • Rank 7: 4300 Points

Mystery ST Chest

  • Rank 8: 5700 Points

2x Construction Weapon Boxes and 1x Construction Armor Box

  • Rank 9: 7400 Points

Candy of Extreme Attack and Defense

  • Rank 10: 9400 Points

Construction Skin Agreement and Potion of Max Level

  • Rank 11: 11800 Points

Candy of Extreme Life and Mana

  • Rank 12: 14800 Points

Construction Skin Agreement and Golden Lucky Clover

  • Rank 13: 18300 Points

Road Roller Penguin Pet

  • Rank 14: 21800 Points

3x Construction Weapon Box and 1x Construction Armor Box

  • Rank 15: 25800 Points

Vault Chest Unlocker

  • Rank 16: 29900 Points

Mystery ST Chest

  • Rank 17: 34100 Points

Construction Knight Skin (this doesnt make much sense here considering you can choose what skin to get)

  • Rank 18: 38500 Points

Char Slot Unlocker

  • Rank 19: 43000 Points

2x Mystery ST Chests

  • Rank 20: 49000

Foreman’s Hard Hat


definitely a rushed campaign for the trailer, the 2nd hard hat isnt even there lol

Expect changes but that’s the general idea of the campaign.


imagine gemsbok after september 2020 lmfao
if you’re going to nerf puri, then atleast nerf status effects or something


Interesting. More in it for the intriguing changes than the campaign.


They did, read the post


except i did? I’m saying status effects as a whole
example: having an effect that completely cuts off healing, where bosses spam them left and right, is absolutely broken. It’s so powerful that it deters most players from fighting bosses whos only gimmick is status effects.


Rip the beautful old simplistic udl sprites. Looks far better than some of the new ones (those mummies - aaaaaaaaaah)


mummies are the only bad ones, new ones are much better for every other enemy


T0 dagger confirmed to be stronger than t12 dagger :sunglasses:

also nice to see that puri is fucking useless now, besides selfbuffing yourself (lol)


Almost time to get 10k nails am I right


the reskins look nice


Depicted: Toast slapping me for making innuendos about F.E.R.A.L.


Hmm yes gigglin’ tentacle


They seem to have stuck with their gut and kept self-puri


@whoever said DECA has “listened to the community” and reverted the priest nerfs from the last spoilers thread: you lookin like a real clown rn lmao


How disgusting does that necro one look


Blind and Confuse gone from the Void and most status effects in MBC reduced by a second?! Sweet Christmas!!


Yeah, I noticed that immediately as well. Assassin and rogue are apparently way too similar. In general I do not have high hopes for how these skins will interact with dyes, but I am hoping to be surprised.


Would love to see the points rate for the campaign. I really hope the char slot unlocker is viable.

Also hope there’s a package that contains only vaults since I’ll be at 15/16 char slots by end of that campaign.


I am actually way too happy about this. In general these status changes seem excellent. I hope that removing confusion from void is only the beginning of DECA re-evaluating where that particular effect should be used.



I agree they look ugly.

Can we please just have the kingdom skins back again?


I’d actually not object if knight was the only one, I like it.