[Spoilers] Easter Stuff and Endless Torment Buff


subject to change

Endless Torment Buff


Stats remain the same (for now), only thing changed is the puri part. Hitting 3 enemies removes status effects from self, 6 for group. Not specified if group means group inside the skull’s radius or if it means an area around the player.

Tiara “Buff”

Everything is the same except for this.

On Hit
Effect: 10% chance to summon a Easter bunny for 30 seconds.
Cooldown: 45 seconds.

The bunny spawned is just the Moon Bunny pet. Since familiars like that are server sided, I don’t know what the bunny does, but this does seem great for future items. Bunny could just be vanity, or it could help in combat.

Events not being once per realm (maybe)

The only ones changed for now were Hermit, LOTLL, Sphinx (the ones that matter), and the Statues. Ghost Ship, Avatar and Rock Dragon (and Bees + Sentry) still remain once per realm, but we’ll see what happens when the update drops.

Easter Stuff

Sakura Wakizashi


A whimsical wakizashi of East Asian origin, it has the pungent aroma of cherry blossoms.

Sadly just an Eastern Winds reskin with 7% fame bonus instead of 5.

tokens and shit

Golden Eggs and Magic Eggs come back, 20 and 10 stacks respectively.

Collect Golden Eggs and bring them to the Tinkerer to exchange them for exclusive reward.

hey that should say rewards

Collect Magic Eggs and bring them to the Tinkerer to exchange them for Golden Eggs.

Mini Biff

Biff obviously returns, but there’s also a mini biff (which is just biff but smaller in size, 120 -> 75), which seems to just be a white demon reskin (in terms of damage/shots) and spawns in glands. They seem to be doing this every themed event now, Succubus, then the Mini Leprechaun, and now this.

minor stuff

  • Vitamine Buster and Swift Bunny got their fp lowered from 700 to 310

  • Easter baskets spawn again, 40 in midlands, 30 in highlands and 20 in glands.

  • also a special easter event chest


Applied use of the reworked Shaitan's skull
[Spoilers] Easter Campaign Info and some more Easter stuff

Endless Torment buff(?) looks nice, everything else is pretty mediocre.


Oh god pls no



that “special easter event chest” looks like a reskin leprechaun.


watch fresh realms become infested with rogues and tricksters trying to yoink the baskets from everyone else


Puri skull, i like that.


Oh god no, not the fucking baskets again.


I wasn’t playing at this time of year last year. What’s so horrible about them?


NOOOOOOO They removed my tiara from my gift chest!!!

Edit: nvm im just stupid and blind


Huh. Kind of a weird buff, if you ask me - and very situational; when have you ever seen 6 enemies within 2 squares of each other, and needed a Purification effect?


Dark elves with weak…
or more practically, cru armor break, rushing mt the 3 for self could help, same with wc, maybe the slow with cubes but not really, during voids if you have stacked minions this would definitely help, if you aren’t silenced of course, then again the self puri during shatters, could get the 3 for self puri during nest boss, or the 6 for group during the dungeon itself, tomb bosses could get that high when spawning artifacts, or just rushing tombs maybe. Lots of possibilities, questionable how useful it will be.


o.O wtf after seeing the buff


Chest loooks cute. Wondering if it moves :stuck_out_tongue:


oh my god, they actually are doing it…

the mad lads


They have low amounts of hp, people usually don’t call them, they give bad drops, and all of them need to be killed for biff to spawn.

Edit: thank you @ArexRew for correcting me


No they are Quest enemies

Get a trix rogue Warr or ninja and you’ll be fine

Jugg won’t be seeing much use, it’s ggen time


They have very low HP and are one of the only sources of untradeable egg tokens with items that cost the same amount of tokens (in quantity) as the valentines hearts and love letters items. (aka 100 for a UBDEF, 200 for an fdba, 300 for an a.s.s, 400 for a scutum, 400 for a bunny skin available nowhere else, and 500 for a tshit reskin).
See a problem already? Let me tell you this: the egg tokens only dropped from the baskets (which usually never get called and are picked off instantly by the fast characters, and if more than one person attacks them, guess what? Less chance to get the token as it’s only guaranteeing one fucking egg token), chest events (in a rather low quantity) and a single one from biff that’s not even guaranteed. At least the valentines hearts, with that quantity, dropped from godlands enemies and dungeon bosses, meaning you could get the items by playing the game rather than grinding for reskins.
If you want the items, be prepared to suck it up and farm like fifty years for the set. (closing realms takes ages, and you’ll usually only get like 10-20 eggs per realm IF you’re on one of the mentioned classes). If you have the set, you’ll instantly win the nolife award in my eyes. I spent hours farming for just the skin and by the end, I was so burnt out that I didn’t play for the rest of the month. My problem with it is that the items are unreasonably grindy and unwelcoming to almost all the players who want any form of reskin, and you have to depend on speedy classes to get any amount, along with the fact that it also makes co-op unreasonable as calling the baskets jeopardizes your chances on getting the tokens you wnat.


Now I really wish I still had my fucking Endless Torment.


Agreed, but it doesn’t matter for me. I have done hundreds of shaitans during the events, before events and after events and not once got the skull so I don’t give a shit. That white bag is so rare its existence to me is doubtful.

Looks like shaitans is going to be an easter event. Not running them with the white bag drop at 0.0000001%


IMHO, the Endless Torment skull should get a buff to its heal per enemy, not this quasi-Puri effect that is nearly impossible to achieve. Before Skulls got rebalanced, the Endless Torment skull used to steal the most HP because it dealt the most damage, at a cost of a smaller radius. But that is no longer the case. It’s actually a surprise that the Bloodsucker Skull STILL has the highest HP steal per enemy. While the idea of getting extra effects based on the number of enemies you hit IS unique, the tiny radius that the Endless Torment skull has pretty much dooms it before it had a chance to shine.