[Spoilers] Further Tome Changes, Reconstruction/MotMG/Early Game Rework and more


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You should read the Q&A before reading this, it has more relevant info: https://www.reddit.com/r/RotMG/comments/im5a0e/vital_combatgeneral_qa_w_kidd_overview/

Tome Changes

These are part of the Vital Combat update and are unrelated to the Reconstruction stuff (though they could be released at the same time for all I know.

All tomes no longer have a cooldown but now have a pretty sizable increase in MP. There’s also a minor decrease in range/duration (both for Healing buff, range only for HP), like 0.5-1 second or tile.

For MP, rather than going up by 5 MP per tier, it now goes up 10 MP. T0 now starts at 60 instead of 50, so at T6 that’s 120 MP. Everything else for tiered tomes is the same.


  • Tome of Purification

No more cooldown, 120 to 150 MP. Nothing else.

  • Tome of Holy Protection

No more cooldown, 120 to 150 MP.

  • Tome of Pain

No more cooldown, 95 to 120 MP, 400 to 500 damage and slightly lower range (3.8 to 3.5).

  • Tome of Holy Furor

No more cooldown, 120 to 150 MP.

  • Necronomicon

No more cooldown, 100 to 110 MP.

Rather than Cursing in a 4 tile radius around now, now shoots 5 Piercing shots that inflict Curse for 4 seconds with a 4.5 tile range. I think it goes in all 4 cardinal directions with the front one having 2 but that could be wrong.

  • Cermonial Merlot

No more cooldown.

  • Tome of Tarnished Gods

No more cooldown, 100 to 130 MP.

  • Chaotic Scripture

No more cooldown, 100 to 150 MP.

Priest of Geb Set Rework

  • Book of Geb

No more cooldown, 120 to 100 MP and has double the base heal (60 to 120).

  • Wand of Geb

Damage: 95-100 -> 140-150

Range: 8.4 -> 7

Shot Pattern: Stupid -> Not Stupid (it shoots straight)

On Shoot Proc 1: Shoots 16 Piercing and Boomeranging shots that deal 150-200 damage and Slows for 2 seconds with a 3.6 tile range all around the player.

On Shoot Proc 2: Exact same as the above but requires full ST set and has a 6 tile range.

Tome of Purification

There’s not actually no changes you got pranked!!! Better as its own category though. As the Q&A said, nothing is final.

All have 150 MP and the same Heal/SplitHeal from PT.

And yes, these are actually the names on testing. Good for differentiation though.

Tome of Poorification

Same group purification as prod but does not give HP at all.

Tome of Purrrification

Has HP and group purification but both have half the range (6 to 3 tiles).

Tome of Pluralification

Same group purification as prod but has 200 MP.

Tome of Pyrification

Same group purification as prod but has a 5 second cooldown.


  • Soul’s Guidance

On Hit Proc is now an On Shoot Proc, cooldown is lowered from 2 to 0.6 seconds.

  • Keyper Rework

I say rework based on previous comments but the shots themselves haven’t gotten too many changes. It got 25 defense from 10, the Quiet shot Silences and the Confusing shot Paralyzes for 1 second and there’s 1 more shot that slows.

  • The Appetizer

Seems to be another Event boss like Keyper/Prismimic but focused on pet food. Like every single shot of his Silences. Other than that, there’s also “Pile of [pet food here]”, which might be the loot drops.

  • Golden Statues

yea idk not much to say, they’re the Exaltation golden statues they talked about

Upcoming F2P Reconstruction Campaign

Nail - 5 points per token and 20 stack limit

Screw - 10 points per token and 15 stack limit

Plank - 15 points per token and 15 stack limit

Collect [name] by defeatuing Bosses and Bring them to the Tinkerer for rewards.

Sprite Credits: Zquidx (Nail and Screw) and Mizumi (Plank)

Stack limit: [yea]

Event: Reconstruction

There’s not more info on it yet but the current p2w campaign is going until September 22nd. That means the earliest this Campaign can start is the 23rd. All signs seem to be pointing at the 23rd being the start of MotMG, the end of Flash date.

Reconstruction/Early Game Rework

The trailer for MotMG showed the following:

  • Vault
  • Pirate Cave
  • Undead Lair
  • Abyss of Demons
  • Spider Den

All of which are updated except for UDL (for now). On top of that, Forest Maze and Snake Pit are also getting changes.


As the Producer’s Letter Part 2 showed/said, vaults are getting changed with Unity and also to accommodate for no more mules.

Normal Vaults are VaultContainer and Gift Chests are VaultGiftContainer (crazy), but now there’s also a “Potion Chest” that’s PremiumVaultContainer. The Potion Chest also has a new tag for CanPutPotions (previously only CanPutNormalObjects and CanPutSoulboundObjects).

Potions themselves have also gotten tags as SmallSkillPotion for normal pots and LargeSkillPotion for greater pots. Marks also got a Mark tag.

Potion Chest seems to be their anti-mule helping chest they talked about.

Pirate Cave

(fitting that the first dungeon of the game gets a 32x32 sprite after o3)

I won’t be going over specific stats because well, it’s all early game shit. As you might have seen above, there is a new ring:

Corsair Ring

A lavish golden ring adorned with a prized ruby from Dreadstump’s spoils.

Stats: +20 HP, +2 DEF

FP: 50

Definitely deserving of its cyan bag, now Pirate Cave has 2 op rings.

Forest Maze

There are no sprite changes as of yet, but there have been design changes. Other than that, there are also 2 new items

Bramble Bow

A prickly bow with unshaven thorns jutting out from the grip, making it unwieldy to fire.

Damage: 20-45

Shots: 3 (Arc Gap 10)

Rate of Fire: 120%

Range: 7.04

Effects: Pierces and Wavy

FP: 80

Cocoon Quiver

MP: 60

Damage: 120-200

Shots: 2 (Arc Gap 5)

Effects: Pierces, Passes Cover and Paralyzes for 2 seconds

FP: 85

early game paralyze is very good

Spider Den

(the original Arachna sprite is still one of its alt sprites, will definitely be integrated somehow)

There is 1 new UT, but before then:

Poison Fang Dagger

Damage: 55-120 -> 60-100

Rate of Fire: 100% -> 130%

also has a new shot sprite. It’s like a 20% increase in damage overall.

Spider’s Eye Ring

(the new sprite is actually the 8th one in the spritesheet, not the 3rd)

New On Hit Proc: 5% chance to Slow enemies within 3 tiles for 3 seconds

Cooldown: 10 seconds

The damage threshold on the proc is 0.

Spider Shuriken

(sprite is the 6th one)

An arachnid star which slings silk to tangle predators while granting oneself the speed and stamina of Arachna’s most agile young.

While Key Held: Speedy on self

Drain 5 MP/sec

MP: 50

Damage: 150-250

Effects: Passes Cover and Slows for 2 seconds

Range: 15

FP: 170

early game slow is also good, normal stars drain at 10 mp/sec so it’s also even better for new players with bad pets

Snake Pit

No new tiles but new enemy sprites for now.

(that last one is snake oil btw)

Only one item was changed for now:

Snake Eye Ring

New On Ability Proc: Speedy for 2 seconds

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Abyss of Demons

i actually didnt realize malphas isnt even changed until after i already added it

edit: it’s actually changed very slightly, didnt notice it tho

Abyss seems to be the least done from all of them (those 16x16 sprites above aren’t even included yet), which would also explain why UDL has nothing done for now.


forest maze reeee

liking the new sprites so far, excited to see whats next!


no clue what you’re talking about


thats actually really good for players with a bad pet

i said it before niegil edited his post


Good that we are at last getting redesigns for v. old dungeons. But releasing this all on Sep 23 seems a bit ambitious. Would not be surprised if there are a few updates this month to patch issues with the new content.


Spider’s Eye Ring
(the new sprite is actually the 8th one in the spritesheet, not the 3rd)
New On Hit Proc: 5% chance to Slow enemies within 3 tiles for 3 seconds
Cooldown: 10 seconds
The damage threshold on the proc is 0.

Please stop with the luck based, unreliable and bad procs
I know it’s earlygame but this sucks compared to new Snake Eye ring


Why are they changing the old dungeons/sprites when they worked, if I might ask? This is just my old boomer player coming out but while I’m fine with weapon reworks, I’m not a big fan of the new sprites, considering these are the OG sprites the game used, as it came from a spritesheet called Oryx (iirc). I think these sprite changes should be optional and toggleable, but I mean if they change it, whatever, but it’s a big hit to my nostalgic memories of this game. If it’s because it collides with the new art style, I mean, I get it, but still.


It literally drops from Arachna, it better suck


Wow, Kidd’s hate boner for puri is honestly really cringe.


Hopefully they just increase the base mp cost if they really want to nerf it that badly; would actually encourage mp-focused builds as well.


Why are they changing the old dungeons/sprites when they worked

Agreed, the sprites look severely overshaded and seem like more overcomplicated bullshit nobody really asked for (besides spider den boss, ofc). Yikes.


Love all the new items and the sprite reworks!! Snake’s Eye Ring Trickster rush when?

I wanna see one of the Puri changes come. Also Soul’s guidance seems like it’ll actually be a good wand.

Sure, they’re using more colors than the original sprites had, but they’re far from too much since I can still easily tell what they are and don’t look too muddled down and soft-looking.


stheno and dreadstump look sick (their new re-sprites)


The thing is that it’s unreliable to the point of being useless, not that it’s weak

  • YES! No tome nerf on 3 fronts
  • Maybe Necronomicon could become semi viable :>
  • New geb wand is below stock dps wands like fallen and the Janus one I think, haven’t taken into consideration proc though. Can you post dps graphs?
  • Poorifiction or Purrrification seem the best
  • Aw man, paralyse on Keyper will leave melees pissy
  • Is pile of pet food just a resk event chest?
  • Ah shit another F2P campaign… To Nest fullskips I go
  • What happens to fuse to gift chest when pot chests come?
  • Poison Fang isn’t a T6 dagger anymore!
  • Spider star could be viable o.o
  • Not a fan of Snake Pit items and mob sprite changes, Stheno is fine though
  • I’d say the abby enemies looking like actual demons is a good thing, but new mob sprites will be a pain to learn


The last one looks like she is playing peek-a-boo or something. I cannot not see a face on the back.


I thought more a martian crawling with his arms and legs behind him, which of course makes the third one extrodinarily disturbing


You could probably combine all 4 edits of puri into one, super-nerfed puri. + It would still be used because it’s puri lol


We can call it ‘Patback!’


spider ring is gonna be useless if it only has that shitty “perk” :confused:


spider ring used to be just +3 wis and +3 vit…
When was it not useless?


changes are HOT

imo best puri change is the 200 MP one